A Place Called Home

It does feel like ages before we can move into our new home. Some hiccups with the works, and we are blaming the inefficient subcontractor for that!

We are taking a full week off. Since there are two public holidays this week, it means taking three days of leave. We have to move by end of this week – that’s our word to the contractors, my husband starts his full weekend classes again this week, and there is no way I could make this on my own. Even packing up stuff takes a long time to finish, with a baby around.

On the renovation works, I’d say despite the very bad time management (off by a fortnight by now), the finishing is alright (for the price we pay). And of course, the colour of the walls turn out to be excellent! It’s Classic Silk from Nippon paint whites palette. I’m having all walls painted with this colour. I thought of having feature walls, but I’ll save that for a later time, considering that we need to move in quickly.

The kitchen cabinet is okay, though during my first encounter with my new kitchen I was almost dancing in delight. A kitchen of my own finally!

Some in-progress photos:


Oh my. Indeed a home is not built in a day.


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