The thinking process behind buying a new handbag

I don’t know what actually triggered me into actually thinking of buying a designer baby bag. Well, to be honest I didn’t even knew such thing exists, until my colleague informed me about it less than two months ago (just about time when I was receiving my yearly bonus). She suggested Kate Spade, Coach…and yes, I did go to the respective brands’ website but nothing really caught my eyes.

Until last week. Maybe it was because my husband has been consistently nagging me about my disorganized handbag. The current handbag, which I have been using day after day (I don’t like having more than one handbags) for the last 15 months, is lacking compartments. Or maybe it was because I think I deserved it after a long night – Isa has been throwing tantrum for these few nights.

So I woke up on Friday morning and announced to my husband I was getting myself a Coach baby bag.

Then my husband, my ‘I-live-a-simple-life’ husband asked for justifications. Why a baby bag? And why a COACH baby bag at that? Oh well, as a disclaimer, I am paying for this bag (I was not asking him to, anyway), but he normally acts like a financial controller, and I’m fine with it.

I told him first, I want more compartments. Second, if I have a bag that is large enough there is no need for a separate bag just for Isa for our outings.

He did not say a word, so I took it as a ‘yes’ (well, I recalled him actually buying the idea when I first mentioned it two months ago). He works at Petronas Twin Tower, with the Suria KLCC shopping mall being his playground I asked him to check the price at the store. He has no objection to that.

But then, after hours of Googling around (at work, and let me tell you I am not busy AT ALL at the moment), I changed my mind. It was due to mixed reasons, and I could not specify which one is more imperative than the other:

  1.  Those that I REALLY like cost me more than RM1000. But if I were to follow what my girlfriends say – I can afford it, and deserve it as a reward (oh my girlfriends, aren’t you girls so supportive!). If it is of good quality, I would not have mind but a thousand bucks on a piece of nylon? That’s a bit ridiculous. Plus I have grown to love genuine leather.
  2. I love my current bag a bit too much and would still live to use it for at least another year. It took me months to find THE bag, I’d like to hold on to it as long as I can.  And I could still smell the leather.
  3. I could do without a designer baby bag. I can go and buy travel changing pad if that is what I want. I can get a purse organizer if lack of compartment is the problem. Or this gorgeous diaper clutch. These will definitely save me hundreds. Which could go to getting the wallpaper that I desire for our new bedroom.
  4. I could not feel any more ashamed if the root of all this is actually  me wanting to parade a new branded handbag, despite it being probably rather subconsciously, which to me equals being a slave of my ego. That’s a big no-no.

I told myself I can live with the bag I have now for some times.

But on Sunday, upon packing to go for a seminar I was attending with Isa, I had to surrender. I seriously in need of a larger bag.

So yesterday we went shopping.

And I bought myself a large Carlo Rino handbag from this collection:

It costs me only slightly more than half of the price of my previous handbag (my husband applauds me for this).

And oh well, now I can go buy a new pair of shoes and another abaya, as promised by my husband, since I willingly let a RM 1k handbag pass.

Indeed, I get myself a good financial controller.

p.s. I showed my husband the Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel diaper bag, and he said it looks like a free shopping bag you get at the stores. Darn. I give up.


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