Low Milk Supply Alert!


Have I told you that Isa, in one day, during my absence for work, could consume up to 20 oz of milk?
That is the minimum amount that I should pump out on a daily basis, and red alert on – this week saw me failing to produce that amount!

I am not stress out or anything. There could be many reasons to it. Isa was sick in the past week that he didn’t nurse as frequent as before, and I was too tired (and lazy, sometimes) to pump, I slacked on pumping sessions at work, I drank less fluids recently…and so the list goes.

The point is, I need to start on my emergency plan ASAP!

I’m making oatmeal in the morning.
Strictly 2L of plain water each day.
Milk-boosting pills.
Minimum two pumping sessions at work, and four pumping sessions per day – compulsory! This means I need to wake up earlier in the morning, or purposely wake up at 3am to pump. *Sigh*

Buck up my trusted Medela Freestyle, we are going on a high ride!



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