The day he refuses the bottle


Isa has not been well since we came back from Eid holiday, and the baby-sitters from his creche have mentioned that it gets harder to bottle-feed him lately.

And yesterday, Isa made a scene. I was having my monthly departmental meeting, when I received a call from the administrator of his creche, telling me that Isa refused to be fed, and I needed to come down and feed him directly.

I was lucky that the meeting chairman announced that we were having a break just after I hang up the phone, and I quickly rushed to his creche (which is 6 floors away) – and there he was, all teary-eyed – looking around as if nothing happened. I breastfed him for 10 minutes before rushing back upstairs, promising the babysitter that I will come back during lunch time – because I was scheduled to present something during the meeting.

He was asleep when I came again during lunch, but knowing that he would be better-off fed, I woke him up and fed him again, thinking that it would only be three hours before I finish my day at work.

But I didn’t happen that way. While I was in the nursing room expressing milk two hours after that, the call came again. He refused once more and was crying non-stop.

My heart broke.

I rushed down, tried to feed him using the bottle and failed. He only wanted to nurse directly from me.

And I had a board paper to update, a handbook draft to be completed, and a questionnaire to be answered on behalf of the company.

That’s when I texted my husband asking how soon would it be before he is promoted. I want to resign.




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