The price of a breakfast for two

I believe that the best thing I could give to my son is a good marriage, so that is why when I had an event to attend near the KLCC – or the Petronas Twin Tower, where my husband works – I would happily sneak out and get our couple time.

Regardless of the event providing free food (KL Convention Centre surelt serves delicious food), I insisted on having breakfast together.


Breakfast for two at KLCC Signature

It was a beautiful day, and I was glad spending it with my husband instead of networking over breakfast – and proposed for a lunch date as well, thinking that I could skip my direct nursing session with Isa that afternoon since I have already provided more than enough expressed breastmilk for the day.

And so we had a great lunch sharing a plate of Cantonese Yee Mee – until I read what was jotted down by the baby sitter on Isa’s daily log book:


Isa’s log for the day

Those in blue ink says:

Noon: sleep – woke up crying – suckle a bit – refused nipple when given – pat to sleep – wait for mommy to come – (but mommy didn’t)


Now somebody feels guilty.


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