Month: September 2012

Low Milk Supply Alert!


Have I told you that Isa, in one day, during my absence for work, could consume up to 20 oz of milk?
That is the minimum amount that I should pump out on a daily basis, and red alert on – this week saw me failing to produce that amount!

I am not stress out or anything. There could be many reasons to it. Isa was sick in the past week that he didn’t nurse as frequent as before, and I was too tired (and lazy, sometimes) to pump, I slacked on pumping sessions at work, I drank less fluids recently…and so the list goes.

The point is, I need to start on my emergency plan ASAP!

I’m making oatmeal in the morning.
Strictly 2L of plain water each day.
Milk-boosting pills.
Minimum two pumping sessions at work, and four pumping sessions per day – compulsory! This means I need to wake up earlier in the morning, or purposely wake up at 3am to pump. *Sigh*

Buck up my trusted Medela Freestyle, we are going on a high ride!



25 and 4: Days in the Hospital



It won’t sound like a good year for my husband if I tell you that we celebrate his 25th birthday in a hospital.

Or Isa celebrating his reaching 4-month-old milestone being warded.

Isa body temperature soared by the time I reached home on Tuesday, and we had no choice but to rush him to A&E of a private hospital nearby, where he was born. It reached 40.1 degree Celsius when the nurse ran a check-up on him, and suggested that we went to see a specialist, who happened to be his pediatrician (who was luckily still around at 6.30pm).

I was secretly hoping that Isa would be admitted and warded. I was at my wit’s end figuring what to do with him: his body temperature was up and down, his cold didn’t seem to cease, and his cough was getting chestier each day.

I was helpless.

And the doctor finally said what I wanted to hear (but surprised my husband): I have to have him admitted.

So began my nights spent in the hospital.

Isa was diagnosed with lung infection (pneumonia).

People thought that I would be panda-eyed in no time, but all Praise to God for giving me a son who is easy and pleasant to care – Isa rarely cries or wakes up at night, be it on sick days or healthy days.He continued playing as usual once his temperature went down, to my delight.

But it still hurt me to see him disturbed by his chesty cough at times.

And yes, it pained me to see his little hand being poked to insert the IV drip. But what else could I do? He lost his appetite, and even when he was feeding well, he spat out milk after coughing, which made me worried if he would suffer from dehydration.

Just when I thought he’d be warded for two days only, my sister warned me that antibiotic course normally takes 5 days minimum – and that was actually the case.

We were discharged after 5 days; after rounds of physiotherapy, antibiotic drips, drugs, change of bedsheet and all.

Isa is now getting better, All praise to Him, just a bit of runny nose and coughing – and yesterday – the first day I left him to go to back to work – he managed to finish 17 oz of milk in 9 hours.  That is a clear sign that he IS really recovering!



So much of a working mother

Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease. ~ Lisa Alther

I was dead tired yesterday. Or flat tired, whatever the term is. I was exhausted almost beyond my limit.

It was Monday, so you know, it’s Monday blues partly. I went to work, rushed to have my breakfast, continued with my emailing and stuff, until my boss asked me to do some urgent preparatory stuff for our Sustainability board committee. By preparatory stuff I mean printing 13 coloured copies of a 118-page report. There is no administrative officer in our office so we had to do everything ourselves. Printing is still alright, it is automated anyway, but binding it is another story.And another urgent presentation slides deck to be finished. A story board for our Sustainability Day exhibition that I have not even had a chance to figure it out.

I did not finish any of those by the end of the day.

I couldn’t.

In between two pumping sessions, two unexpected nursing sessions with Isa (since he still refused bottle yesterday unfortunately I had to be summoned to feed him directly ), and a lunch that I almost skipped – I could not focus.

Maybe, I say maybe, I should consider taking unpaid leave until Isa starts on solid food.

The Key, Finally!

My husband texted me this morning, asking me to take a leave tomorrow because guess what – we are getting the key to our own house, finally!

I said ‘finally’ because we have been waiting for 9 months for this, having to bear with the slow progress with the owner, banks, lawyers, the owner getting divorced, misnamed cheque and all. But I guess it comes at the right time at least – I am not pregnant, I am not close to delivering a baby, and the best thing is, I am counting days for my yearly bonus to be banked in.

All Praise be to Him.

So expect many posts to come to be full with stuff on the journey of making our house a home.

Duha: The Beauty of Mid-morning

We have fallen into a routine on workday mornings. We offer our early morning prayers and take turns to shower and iron our clothes. Husband prepares Isa’s bag and I pump. One of us will change Isa’s diaper, and decide who’s to bring what or who (Are you going to bring down all the three bags or carry Isa?).

It is a bit hectic until we are safely in our car. There’s a moment which I look forward to; it is when (our compulsory choice of radio channel in the morning) plays its official song, continued by the Dhuha supplication – which is made into a song.

Dhuha, loosely translated as mid-morning is a special time for Muslim. God swears by it in the Quran twice (which implies that it is a great thing and of great benefits), and there is a  voluntary Dhuha prayer to be offered during this time – specifically from sunrise up until mid-day which entitles those who perform it for great rewards.

The Dhuha supplication, for one, contains beautiful words that often I found myself almost crying when I listen to it.

The supplication in Arabic

This literally could be translated as (in my own words and limited vocabulary, of course):

O Allah, verily the Dhuha (mid-morning time) is yours, its splendour is Your splendour, its beauty is Your beauty, its might is Your might, its strength is Your Strength, its protection is Your protection.

O Allah,
Should our provision be in the Heaven, please pour it down.
If it is in the Earth, please surface it.
If it is difficult, please ease it.
If it is haraam (prohibited, illegal), cleanse it.
If it is far, please make it closer.

By the truth of Your Dhuha, Your splendour, your beauty, Your might and Your strength, please bring to me what You have brought to Your faithful servants.

These words are so beautiful; I could hear myself repeating every word and truly mean it each morning while listening. It resonates with my life, and what I exactly feel every time.

Because there is no way I would move my ass off my bed early in the morning but to earn a living, to be precise, to earn money so I can raise my child(ren) and give them better education to fulfill their potentials as His servants to enjoin good and forbid evils on this Earth.

I know God provides – to each his/her own provision, and by saying this supplication, I am humbling myself before God to make it easy for me to find what is meant for me and my family.

Happy working everyone!

Another Side of Me

I wish I could write. Really. I wish I could write a post which is carefully structured and could benefit the readers, but no. Time doesn’t permit me to do so for the time being. Unfortunately. But I still have the urge to write; to jot down my thoughts. Since my world has been filled in by this focal point which is my son recently, I wish not to flood this blog with not-so-beneficial anecdotes of my daily life.

Hence I created a new blog somewhere else to satisfy the desire to write – uselessly nevertheless. Do visit if you have time, but most often it will contain more of a spurt of thoughts and rantings about me being a mother, a wife, a woman, and a career person, that maybe you’d be better off not reading it!

[update as at August 2015: I am currently blogging at See you there]