Ramadhan is an eight-letter word

Ramadhan is an eight-letter word.
And so is patience.

This Ramadhan, shamefully I did not manage to reap The rewards of praying Tarawih (special non-compulsory prayers observe only during the night of Ramadhan). I missed fasting for a number of days due to my nursing a two-month old baby.

But somehow I know this Ramadhan has taught me much on patience.

It’s not unusual for me to receive remarks from my family and friends (and even my husband) on how weird and exciting it is to see me becoming a mother – that shows how unmotherly I was back then. I was one selfish being who craves independence all the way, putting myself above the rest.

And this Ramadhan pushed me to become as selfless as I possibly could with a baby clinging to me (which means it gets harder to sneak around going shopping in between things) and a husband and household I am responsible and accountable for.

I am still getting the knack of living with an infant- which finds me resorting to reciting Quran only when expressing milk during office hours because I am normally exhausted by the time I reach home for iftar.

I long to attend lectures, refreshing my faith, but with a little boy it seems that an evening lecture could spell trouble due to his sleep schedule.

Not that I am whining. I appreciate this lesson I am being taught- it is priceless, a much- needed training for someone with my character.

I may not stand up observing prayers nightly as much as anyone else , but I am truly grateful for this custom-made training opportunity God has offered me.

May Allah accept my effort as good deeds and pour upon me more patience and energy to serve others.



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