Why Do I Need My Baby So Much

I went out for a shopping trip with my sister last Saturday.

My husband was at first a bit reluctant to let me go, solely because he is yet to be comfortable handling the kid alone. I don’t blame him, we’ve only been living together post-confinement period for two weeks and you know it could be very stressful when the baby starts screaming his lung out.

I left him with 5 bottles of 4oz breastmilk I managed to express on Friday, thinking that I could leave Isa to him for at least a good 8-hour period (which wasn’t my intention actually.

But it didn’t work that way.

After 4 hours, I could not help but rushing back home – my Bs were so engorged I could not concentrate on shopping anymore!

I should have known that at this point in time it is not only Isa that needs me, it seems that I need him a lot more.

Interdependent, that’s the word.


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