Month: April 2012

27 Days to Motherhood: Work from Home?

An evidence of productivity on a work-from-home day.

I was supposed to go on a business trip up North today, somewhere about 4-hour-drive away or 45-minutes flight, but given ‘my condition’ my boss is reluctant to let me go, and decided to give the briefing himself. Bless him. since he’s not going to be in the office and my to-do list currently only consists of reviewing some 700-page reports, I asked if I could work from home, and he is absolutely alright with that.

So of course, when I have time I’d like to cook – and luckily my mom introduced me to this simple recipe which has become a favourite of my father when I called her today: Black Pepper Beef. It is as simple as putting coarsely ground black-pepper, onions, beef, sweet soy sauce, salt, a bit of water, chillies and fennel. Since I am a lazy (pregnant) housewife with swollen ankles, I put long bean as veggie of the day. Served with rice – voila! Here’s my lunch, and potentially dinner too!

The truth is, working from home is not really for me – though I appreciate the opportunity to do so at certain times like now, when walking is proven to be quite burdensome or when the only way to finish a task is if there’s no one pulling me from every direction to do some other things. I like the flexibility, but I wonder if I could really be productive if I were to have kids running around.

My current company is yet to take the route of offering full flexibility in this matter, but I guess, if it comes to me as a mother, I’d love to work a few days a week from home. I doubt this kind of flexibility will become a trend in Malaysia anytime soon (even childcare at workplaces are yet to be a mainstream practice!).

Oh, by the way, just a week ago I was notified that one spot in the employee childcare service offered by my employer has been reserved for me – All Praise be to Him indeed. This means my child (God willing) will only be two floors away from during office hours!





28 Days to Motherhood: Get Emo

No new photo for today, but I found this hilarious quote I just can’t help but sharing!

I don’t think I had much of erratic mood (though I think the Partner would think otherwise), but sometimes what is said above is somehow true to a certain extent.

Though I don’t mind listening to your labour stories, despite how traumatising it could be (at least it prepares me for the worst).

Or taking note of your suggestions on the baby names (though it’s MY baby, and should you like to name a person, go get pregnant yourself!).

Or asking to touch my belly if you are a guy (find a wife and get her pregnant, full stop.).

And yes, I don’t care how much I eat because at 36-week pregnant I am yet to reach the minimum 11 kg weight gain that’s recommended for a woman with my pre-pregnancy BMI.

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29 Days to Motherhood: Books

We do not have a bedside table, solely because the room is too small for one, so we end up sleeping with books.

I’m lucky that despite knowing a lot of guys who don’t read, I married someone who’s into books as much as I do (though of different genres) – and of course would love to spread the love of reading to our kids too God willing!