The Baby Scam?

I sometimes read, which I find quite beneficial, and now the author is producing attractive infographics.

A few weeks ago he came out with this one, and though some facts used are questionable and might not well fit the trend in Malaysia, some are true – and if you are an expecting parent like me, you might find it a useful reminder – that everyone seems to manipulate the maternal/paternal instinct of providing ‘the best’ to your children to make you spend money on something you don’t have to.

Babies Infographic



I do not know if along the way of preparing for the arrival of my child, I have actually spent more than I need.

I was at loss of what to buy after listening to my friends on numerous brands that are good and long-lasting and high-quality. All I did was printing a baby item checklist I found on the internet, showed it to my sister (who has a 5-year-old son, so I assume she’d be a better reference than new moms who mostly operate by the principle ‘the more expensive, the higher quality it’d be’ and yet to arrive to the phase where they think ‘I wish I didn’t buy this’) and got her to cross unnecessary items. And that was actually quite a number.

All I worry now is if in 2.5 months time, God willing, I receive a baby in my hand and realise that I’m the furthest thing from being a mentally-prepared mother!


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  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing. People do over do it when it comes to “affording” a baby. Honestly, who needs most of the junk anyway? It is really a waste of money and the businesses are feeding off parents’ fear of not having everything.

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