Reading Challenge 2012

We are already in the middle of February, and I am glad to report that I am on track with the personal reading challenge I set this year, thanks to two non-fiction I finished within a day respectively, well, actually I called that cheating.

Last year I aimed to finish 30 books, and failed miserably at that, but this year I am motivated to push a bit further by putting 36 books in 12 months. Yes, I know it is not anywhere near impressive for one who claims to love reading, but to finish three non-fiction books, writing and reflecting about them in a blog is not an easy feat at least for me.

I predict that there are certain genres I’d be reading a lot more this year:

1. Parenting
2. Child Psychology/Education
3. Business – Corporate Sustainability to be exact
4. Religion – perhaps more tafsir and history this year

And also, I’ve started reading more articles related to my Worldview in Islam Series (WISE) classes I’m attending, which could not be counted in my challenge.

I failed my last year mission, so this year I need to devise a new plan to ensure that at least 36 books are read – and reflected too, at that. I used to read book during my 20 minutes journey on train to work, but now as I’m pregnant and choose to drive instead, I lost that particular reading slot. Bedtime reading also used to work for me, but exhaustion gets the best of me, and now by 9 I am normally already flat and asleep.

Since I’m lucky enough not to suffer motion sickness more often that not.I guess, I should get back to reading in the car while the Partner’s driving. I’m also trying to read aloud for my unborn baby (I’m pretty sure the little kid could not comprehend corporate sustainability at this stage, but somebody said that would help with brain development and the development and recognition of language skills – no harm done I suppose!)

I guess it is so true that one should really put more effort to read while they are still studying, because apparently, once you start working, it will be a bit more challenging to do so – and of course, I do have greater respect for mothers who read. I’m still figuring out how to fix reading into my routine soon, now that the habit is somehow seems to be lost in transition.

Oh, I am so looking forward for my 60 days maternity cum confinement break – Insha Allah – to have more time to read!

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Afnizar Mohdhasread 1 book toward her goal of 36 books.

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