The Unproductive You

I am in my office – the ultranice, post-modern office which might turns others into green-eyed monsters.

I have a nice cup of hot tea on my desk, that most often will get me working.

And most importantly, I have a seemingly endless to-do list which I am yet to find the courage to make even the first step towards doing it – 3 deck of presentation slides, one board memo, a lengthy paper and presentation slides to accompany it.

Maybe I should turn on to the ’15-minute rule mode’, i.e. divide my hours into 15-minute blocks, and focus on doing works to fill in each of the block – somehow tricking the mind into thinking that 1 hour is nothing but 4 blocks of period (which is shorter and more relaxing).

The point is I don’t know if it’s going to work.

Probably I should take a break, perform 2 raka’ah of Dhuha and things might get better?

After all, emotional downtime can be caused by low iman.



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