Month: September 2011

Of Hijab Styles and My Mom

My mom is never a sarcastic person, at least from my point of view. But she never fail to amuse me with her witty remarks, comparing one thing with a funny another.

And lately, she has been commenting a lot on the many modern hijab styles.

My sister embarks into shawl-wearing a while ago, and my mom compares wearing the shawl to ‘the wet-headed quail’ or ‘Burung puyuh kepala basah’. I think that’s partly because the shawl typical wraps around the head and accentuates the head’s round shape.

Burung puyuh basah?

Also yesterday she made this funny remark on the new style of wearing Ariani-like hijab with dangling brooch to her sister – she likens it to a turkey’s wattle.

Ayam Belanda?

She’s sure one creative lady, isn’t she?


The Unproductive You

I am in my office – the ultranice, post-modern office which might turns others into green-eyed monsters.

I have a nice cup of hot tea on my desk, that most often will get me working.

And most importantly, I have a seemingly endless to-do list which I am yet to find the courage to make even the first step towards doing it – 3 deck of presentation slides, one board memo, a lengthy paper and presentation slides to accompany it.

Maybe I should turn on to the ’15-minute rule mode’, i.e. divide my hours into 15-minute blocks, and focus on doing works to fill in each of the block – somehow tricking the mind into thinking that 1 hour is nothing but 4 blocks of period (which is shorter and more relaxing).

The point is I don’t know if it’s going to work.

Probably I should take a break, perform 2 raka’ah of Dhuha and things might get better?

After all, emotional downtime can be caused by low iman.