The Worst Flight I've Taken

Let me check.

Hmm.. I supposed there were at least two that I can remember.

The first one would be my first flight ever from LHR (London Heathrow) back to KUL (Kuala Lumpur) at the end of my first year.

The suffering was rooted from this one little 'sin' I have committed:

I deliberately took the salted peanuts offered by the flight attendant.

Well, if you little tummy is sensitive to any 'wind-inducing' food, you shalt never touch peanuts, salted or whatever. And of course, that little temptation of crunchy peanuts handed by a fairly attractive flight attendant (let me keep the gender secret this time around) caused me such a painful experience for a 13-hour flight.

Let me recall the suffering I had to endure — my sensitive stomach started growling, I could not sit properly, I was hungry and I ate, but the food (I am not fond of MH food, so that's another trauma) could not properly sit in my stomach, the 'wind' kept my stomach unrest and I could not enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

And worst of all, I puked as soon as we landed. So yeah, for the record, I was one of the users of that paper bag.

Well, that was the first one.

The next one was less physical, but rather emotionally bad.

That was the flight from Cairo to London, and I was crying so badly half of the journey (That was 4-hour flight, if my memory serves me well). No, I was not leaving my loved ones, literally, but I was so sad to leave the incredible experience in that land, after spending two months over there.

In the back of my mind, I know that there's no way I could replicate the experience even if I were to come again next time – what builds an experience away is not much of the place itself I suppose, but also the people you were with. And I saw no tangible way to have Hakimah (who's now quietly residing in Miri), Aswani (safely married), Ustaz Luthfi (the last time I heard, he's teaching in Kedah, happily married with two kids!) to come together and re-do.

So I cried. I was so emotional that I cried while watching the supposedly funny Shrek movie sequel.

Oh, yes, these are two of my worst flights taken, and let me put it again:

I like airports but I don't like flying – and shall I say it is not good for the earth too?

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