Merong Mahawangsa: A Review

This is not much of a reflection the way I normally write for films I saw, just another review.

I went to see Merong Mahawangsa yesterday, also known by its other title ‘The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines’.I was enticed by its trailer to be honest. so I got my brother to accompany me and there we were, in a cinema for two hours.

In summary:

1. The part of script, which is in Malay is incredibly beautiful. It had me fall head over heel, and almost moved into tears, even with the opening line. My brother kept saying that the narrator did his best job in touching hearts with that. Kudos to the scriptwriter.

2. The part in English I would say, falls pale in comparison to the Malay dialogues. It is really sad that I wish the whole film was in Malay, because the English dialogues are ruining it big time. I have always hated, and could not even finish, films with such setting which fail to have scripts with relevant style of language. It doesn’t make sense to have Lord of the Rings in our current, modern tone of language.

3. Too much background music perhaps? The learned ones would have appreciate it, but I don’t. Could not tolerate having background music all the time its cheesy, it’s like ‘I need some music to distract the audience for the tasteless scenes I’m making’

4. Some discontinutity between scenes, sudden changes of background sound..I guess I didn’t enjoy it.

5. Because of some lame scenes in it (mostly due to the dialogues), I have the urges to get out of the cinema almost instantly. But then I recall paying 11 bucks so I persevered. It is almost the same feeling I had when I went seeing Percy Jackson (one we chose randomly, of course).

6. Khir Rahman was marvellous. Perfect performance. Can’t say I don’t like seeing him on screen, though I would not see his film ‘….Dalam Botol’.

7. But hey, two thumbs up for the CGI and of course for the superb Malay lines.

That’s all. Out of MYR11 I paid, I’d rate this film as MYR5-worth one.


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