Only After the Last River…

..being poisoned (or dried up), only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.

Rajang River is drying up.

See what happened?

You see, I work and deal in sustainability field and sometimes I think I’m already desensitised by issues that previously broke my hearts, but when I saw this photo in TheStar I felt like crying.

I felt like crying to see and know that Rajang River is drying up, claimed to be due to the flooding of Bakun Dam which has started a few while ago as well as the dry spell.

As I stated earlier as a disclaimer, I know Bakun Dam is related to me somehow, but this is how I feel as a person. Just another person from the street.

Can I, emotionally, say that this is definitely man-made?

I mean, dry spell might sound like a natural disaster, but who knows that to a certain extent of that is anthropological? I’m sure there are some nice percentage of that. Sure, you can always say it is just Natural, not much you can do about it, but if there is something you can do to influence that but you did not, the blame is still on you.

And yes, the damned dam. It is definitely man-made. Our economy is fuelled by energy, and while the addiction to fossil fuel means that we will be digging for the black diamond like forever, we still have the affinity towards hydro. We received plentiful of rain every year, why not harvest it?
Oh yes, it is renewable which in the oversimplified formulae means good.

But it does not, nothing that disrupt the natural eco-system in such a huge way can be very good.

You can do environmental impact assessment.
But what you know is limited, and you can only predict a few things, hence can counter only these few things – if the money permits.

But there are plenty that you don’t know, something that has been going on, keeping the earth stable that you have overlooked.
We learn from mistake, sure we do. So the next time we build a dam, we won’t do it in the same way.

But some people have suffered due to this, reduced in their quality of life – you can sneak-peek from the newspiece.

I don’t know, I’m partly to be blamed.

If there’s not much of a demand, there’s no need for a supply.

On a personal basis, if you don’t need much, say of electrical stuff, you will have less need for energy, directly consumed from the grid.

Also on a personal basis, if you don’t need fancy stuff much, the companies won’t need to produce them too many, hence consume less energy.

The root is always consumerism.
Argh. I hate this.


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