Month: January 2011

Genghis Khan killed so many people that forests grew and carbon levels dropped | Mail Online

Genghis Khan killed so many people that forests grew and carbon levels dropped | Mail Online.

A good way to start my day!


20 Lessons I Learnt After Graduating

Another picture of my lunch; Nasi Lemak.

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  1. Engineering graduates are valued highly everywhere they go due to the background, even if they are not in engineering field
  2. It’s hard to wake up early morning to a job you don’t like
  3. It’s slightly not normal having friends outside your office circle. You seem to be supposed to hang out with your colleagues all the time.
  4. Tell people what you like, what your interests are, and make them appreciate and respect it, though most often your passion shows without having to tell.
  5. Simplifying life includes reducing the number of bills you have to pay i.e. the number of deadlines you have to catch
  6. Things can give you excitement but having meaningful relationships with family and friends and spending time with them is really what satisfies you and makes you happy in the long run.
  7. One can definitely perform even after having only 4-hour sleep. At least I can.
  8. Regardless of how much they said they value transparency, bosses can’t really accept criticism, at least in open space.
  9. You can easily become fat in Malaysia especially if you love nasi lemak.
  10. I get along better with older people than with my peers.
  11. You shalt never play online FB games: you can’t win, you need to add useless ‘friends’, you can’t really leave your laptop if you want to win.
  12. Manglish is ugly.
  13. If  you can’t finish reading weekly magazines in a week, so don’t bother subscribing
  14. It’s easy to reach plateau in knowledge and spiritual improvement when you have a career without purposely putting energy to it.
  15. Charm brings you a long way. Utilise it only when you need it.
  16. Pray for a good boss, half your troubles in working world are solved that way.
  17. To drive in KL, for the worrisome out there , starts with ‘just do it’.  The number of honks you receive will decrease by time.
  18. To imagine how tiring it is to work, even if it is pretty much a desk job, is like studying in the library for 8-9 hours straight. You are normally exhausted after that, right?
  19. It is really possible to fall for your married male colleagues. I was a bit cynical about this before, but now I understand the logic.
  20. Choose a good boss over a job you like. It makes things a LOT easier. Seriously.