Month: December 2010

Don’t Marry

Don’t marry someone to change him/her.

Don’t marry someone you meet on the internet.

Don’t marry someone you can’t admire.


That’s one piece of very good advice, isn’t it?


Why I’m (Never) Going Digital

Man with book sitting in chair

I’m not that tech-savvy, I can happily make that confession.

And that confession implies that I have never own an e-book reader, nor am I considering it. In fact, it has never cross my mind.

I am a self-proclaimed avid reader, and having owned a PDA less than four years ago, with considerably large screen I can say that though the technology I used is not at all comparable now, I am not interested in buying an e book reader.

The main reason is that I still need to feel my pencil, pen, or highlighter screeching against the paper. There’s a satisfaction that. Just like the satisfaction you can’t get my clicking ‘done’ on you digital personal organiser on your phone, as compared to how you feel when you cross out that completed item on your written little ‘to-do’ list.

I mean, that’s me. Maybe I’m old. Maybe I’m conservative.

And to be honest, I hate to be dependent on the battery life of the gadget. This is nothing environmental, surely. Reading has its own carbon footprint; either you got to have trees fallen down to make books, or papers recycled as an alternative to that, or energy consumed to charge the batteries of the e-reader. No choice.

So if you ask me, I’d say no. It’s not in my wishlist, and I can safely say, it’ll never be, at least for the next five years.

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I understand that politics is more about emotion that facts.

That’s why I understand the role of the spin doctors, those that work to create the image of a politician to ensure crowd-engagement.

Like why Michelle Obama is the icon of X, symbol of Y and things like that, to give a simple example. Like why presidential election will put the spotlight directed to the whole family, not only the candidate.

I get that.

But I think the PR people who work for the current PM of Malaysia have gone overboard.

You’ll see that many mainstream newspaper have two pages dedicated for daily life of the PM (which I don’t mind much) but also for his wife. Or shall I said the heavily-botoxed face of his wife. This is really too much I can even vomit straightaway.

Tell me one day where there is no news whatsoever, especially on TV3 , on his wife.
I bet there is none.

Even his sons got to be in the news, was it when he’s going to China ? It was referred to as the legacy of the late Tun Razak (as he was the one who built the relationship with China) – now lived through three generations.

Like, whatever.

And even the PM being infected with chicken pox made it to the main page.
Like this sickening piece of news:

Oh, please.

I think we have enough updates from his Twitter and website, we don’t need to be overfed with this kind of stories.

That was not the case back then when we were under the reign of Tun Mahathir. He was not perfect, surely he’s not. People still hate him, I know they are. But at least he and his family do not create the hatred this way.

We should make a national poll so that the wife knows how she rates among us.