Random 24

The Book of Eli

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24 random thoughts, facts, lines etc. on the 24th Ramadhan:

  1. The Book of Eli is a good film to watch, it gives me new dimensions to things I have taken for granted.
  2. If you really need something, ask it from God. You’ll be surprised at how quick your prayers could be answered. Especially in this Holy Month.
  3. The question ‘How do you do?’ requires no answer. It is equivalent to ‘Nice to meet you’.
  4. If one person who you think likes you, but did not ask, chances are that one person is not really into you. Don’t assume. Though this might onlybe  applicable to conservative ladies.
  5. I am really, really good at being random and spontaneous. And that is not anywhere close to being environmental-friendly. Think about the fuel I waste.
  6. The lecturer of my final modul of my Usuluddin class (Islamic Philosophy) has just been chosen as the ambassador to Egypt. How cool is that?
  7. I have just paid the fees for my ‘vacation’ this December. The one I am so looking forward to.
  8. One advice to the first-jobber out there: Pray hard that you will have a good boss. If I have to choose, I’d go for a good boss over a job I like.
  9. Have just received the post-mortem i.e. Muhasabah Form for Bengkel Remaja Super (BeReS), for which I was one of the speakers. Thank you for the nice words – they made my day!
  10. How many of us really think that ‘Duit Raya’ as a charity rather than an obligation? I think it is getting harder to be sincere at that nowadays when it comes to that.
  11. My nephew is getting very good at talking. Watching Ultraman with him means that I have to listen to his commentary too.
  12. I have decided that I’m going to buy Nokia E72, though tempted to get a Blackberry. Lotus Traveler, GPS, decent camera, no contracts – that should be the one I hope.
  13. We watch ‘Air Crash Investigation‘ almost everyday while having our iftar it is a surprise that we are yet to become aerophobia. But I am getting good at the jargons : TCAS, transponder, aircraft deicing…
  14. This is my first Ramadhan as a career woman, and it is super tiring.
  15. Owning a car is indeed a liability. Changed the coil, exhaust pipe, absorber recently. My dad is paying but it still gives me headache.
  16. Drove to Port Dickson the other day to attend a meeting, and DID not use the highway. And did not lose my way. I’d like to think of it as an achievement for a much-sheltered daughter of a protective father.
  17. My career seems to fall into place, more than I could imagine. I know I can’t praise Him enough for this.
  18. Brown rice is very good at making you feeling full throughout the day. Highly recommended.
  19. I have just realised that I am a commitment-phobic.
  20. Your first boss makes a long-lasting impression and  benchmark for other bosses.
  21. Facebook supports my lifestyle much, so I have to say I need it.
  22. I am definitely outdated, but Maher Zain writes beautiful songs. ‘Insha Allah’ put me in tears every time. No, most of the time actually.
  23. It is sickening to see people talking about Palestine and then make comments like this : ‘We should be thankful of the peace that we have in our own Malaysia.’ I say, what the heck. It’s like, ‘Yeah, I feel you, I want to help you but at the same time I’m glad that it’s not me who has to suffer.’ Something to that effect.
  24. I’m getting more melancholy and less choleric

One comment

  1. Quote: Pray hard that you will have a good boss. If I have to choose, I’d go for a good boss over a job I like.

    Aku suka sangat quote tu and I totally agree with you!:)

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