Summer Sunshine, I Miss You

I have had only four summers, if it is summer memory that we are talking about. First, Malaysia is a tropical country, so there’s no summer whatsoever, but for the past four years, having been in the UK doing my degree, the phrases like ‘summer love’ and ‘summer sunshine’ make more sense to me.

And that four summers, I do have a few things I want to keep alive in my memories, I would want to preserve the smell, the atmosphere, the feeling, and everything intangible of those memories.

My first summer, in 2006, did not impress anything on my mind, except a few memories in Malacca, Malaysia, and there you go, I think I can hear the official theme song of the journey, by Opick.

But the next summer was definitely one of a kind.

I spent two months in Egypt, and there are several things I wish time and old age won’t take them away.

Me, climbing Mt Sinai is one of them.

The road trip through the Sinai Peninsular, and upon reaching Taba’, that was one of the best kept scene in my mind.

The travelling across the desert – that is really unforgettable. Would upload the pics soon.

Well, these things keep coming to me whenever I feel trapped in my cubicle.

The next summer, I went back home again, and there’s not much.

But my final summer in the UK still haunts me – the few days I spent at Abergavenny, Wales – in Breacon Beacon National Park, and what I did at the top of Sugar Loaf. That was amazing. I felt close to God at that time, and the peace and tranquility soothed me to sleep.

And yes, the daredevil act of traveling to Germany alone – spending a few days along River Rhine – Dusseldorf and Cologne to be exact- thinking and contemplating about life. I flew two days after finishing my final exam – official not a student anymore.

I could not remember exactly what I thought at that moment, but I remember the summer sunshine.

There you go. My all-time favourite summer memories that I hope, my brain will keep them intact.


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