Back in the Saddle

You’re a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

1. Didn’t watch most of the games this time around, but as England lost to Germany – despite me rooting for England a bit, I was only a bit upset and erm, converted to the German. To be exact, from Rooney to Ozil. Blame me not – I couldn’t stand being the supporter of such an over-rated team which consists more of poster boys than real, entertaining, goal-scoring players.
2. Jonathon Porritt is coming to KL! SD is organising the lecture which will be held in SDCC, Bukit Kiara – and lucky me, the boss wants me to be there. I was like, whoaaa! Never thought that I would have the chance to meet him live now that I’m back in Malaysia – but here I am, as excited as I could be! Well, for a book that has pretty much change my way of thinking, I think that’s justifiable. I wrote a review on his book, a favourite of mine here: Capitalism as if the World Matters.
3. Went to see this play by Faisal Tehrani entitled ‘Kopitiam Ghadir’ with the girls. It was entertaining, though when one of the actor started stuttering I felt like giving him a punch – and I do not agree much with the approach. It might be an eye-opener for some, but pretty much a play on loose, and a bit lame arguments. But the actors were great – and I do notice that  despite me being only artistically one-eyed. They called themselves RPS, which stands for Revolusi Pembudayaan Selawat, and they maintain a blog here.
4. I am working hard preparing  for BeRes, a joint venture between and INTELEK – Bengkel Remaja Super – and being one of the speakers I can feel the heat and challenges speaking to an audience with diversed background. Talking to uni students, overseas at that – it was totally different. The mindset, the experience and environment they are exposed to are different. I need to simplify thing up or else I’d be talking to a confused audience this Saturday. God, help me.
5. Oh, I need to make this official: I failed to write everyday. Again. Maybe I should stick to twice a week? That sounds more doable, right?
6. I’ve read less nowadays. And memorise less too, of the Quran. This is sad. Somebody please inject me with anything that can make me a little bit more consistent.

That’s it.

Have a blessed day everyone, and sorry for making you read such a crappy entry.


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