I changed some things about my blog.

And I do  understand that my entry counts are now getting lower each month, but it doesn’t mean that I will stop writing soon. I still want to write, and hence think – so I figured out probably I need to, you know, renovate or give a face-lift, relaunch, or anything of the same concept ,to this blog.

I am considering paying some amount of money for blog hosting, if I were to use the rule ‘if you have to pay for something, you will appreciate it more’, but having attended  only four Mandarin classes for which I have paid £100 pound for sixteen – I should have known by experience that the rule doesn’t apply to me.

So for the time being, the revamp plan only includes a change of the blog title and the tagline – in case you haven’t notice. That’s it for now.

And yeah, having changed the archive feature from ‘drop-down’ to ‘list’ I realised that it has been four years of me blogging.

Four years.

I do hope there are things countable as good deeds out of 355 entries I have published.


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