The Whole Nine Yards : The Changing Views




Changing opinions?


Idiom, The Whole Nine Yards  =  Everything, all of it.

Allow me to be frank here, if not personal.

I haven’t post for a long time, and for those who keep checking, please forgive me. The rule of ‘The busier I am the more I write’ still apply, but the different situation means I must not, and can not write while I am busy.

Ideas come often, more often when it rains, it pours, and at the very wrong time – during office hours! WordPress site is not blocked in my office, but work hours are work hours. And when I reach home, I am not busy, hence the ideas just fly away.

I am still pretty much coping with my career, and Lord has blessed me with no Monday blues so far. And those days in which I have trainings to attend, I am pretty much enjoying them.  31 days of free food and  first-hand knowledge from experts and still getting paid, you just can deny how lucky you are. And being surrounded by brilliant friends from whom you can learn a lot makes things so much better.

Changing Views

Here’s what I have been longing to write about – how the way I think is changing and alternating. And to my regret, some of the changes are hardly reversible.

Take my stands and opinions on green issues – to be more specific, on environmental sustainability issues.

I started out as an environmentalist, a very emotional one, very much on the side of NGO’s – where the other two sides of the triangle (of environmental change drivers) are the governments (i.e. Policy-makers) and businesses (i.e. Economy), which, from my point of view at that, were always wrong and not doing their best.

But upon engaging with a political party, the way I think slightly changed. Instead of being on the side of those pushing, adopting policy-makers approach to environmental sustainability made it slightly harder – put all the pressures together, and  one might find that changing the society is never easy, one policy can’t change much. To many pros and cons to be weighed up, and there are indeed many dimensions to be looked at. Nevertheless, it is the well being of the people that is in mind.

And for the last few weeks, spending time reading more than 30 sustainability reports of big companies, attending lectures, and discussing with my superiors – here’s one thing I found when it comes to being environmental friendly: that now, when it comes to business, profitability matters most. And regardless how genuine you want to be in term of being an environmental warrior, deep inside you know that  being green, somehow pays – it is marketable to say frankly. Like my friend put it, being green is an ‘in’ thing nowadays. You can’t afford not to follow the crowd.

Having said that, probably I should state here, even with profitability in mind, it is a fact that businesses are the major drivers of many environmental changes we see around us. No fault in seeing the monetary rewards of being such, as Jonathon Porritt puts it : being sustainable environmentally and socially means you are being economically sustainable. If you are able to handle delayed gratification that is.

And you see, my views, from all these three perspectives, are less and less interchangeable. And that is unwanted. Take one issue at hand – say the groundwater abstraction. If I am wearing my environmental activist hat, trust me, I will spend my energy to go against this idea. And If I am on the side of policy-makers, I will probably say yes. Or maybe a 50-50. But now that I am absorbed by the business way of thinking, with the risk of being severely biased, the instance I read any opposition on the idea, I feel the urge to shout and say: ‘We’ve done all the studies and it is proven that it won’t do any damage!’

It is regrettable, it is.

I wish I can do something about it.


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