An Early Cup of Joe

Note: Early Cup of Joe = a cup of coffee

Cup of Joe
Cup of Joe


I am back to blogging, solely for the reason that I am now getting busy. And busier. Oh, tomorrow I got to do something about the curtain I am to bring to KL for my new house. And finish packing my stuff. And read again, by choice, Capitalism as if the World Matters as to not embarrass myself at the Assessment Centre this coming Thursday. Now you might want to ask how many assessment centre I need to attend – I am blurred and confused myself – I received the offer letter like months ago, accepted it like two months ago, and still I need to crack my brain doing this assessment thing again. And, yes,  I might want to sew up some more beads to my baju kurung.

So you get the point that I am now busier than I was for the last, err, five months, hence I now have plenty to write about.

This post is just a break from the unintended hiatus, there are a number of unfinished entries I will try to complete and post them up here.

I have switched on the rating for each entry, as well as comments, so feel free to give me feedback, if you are not keen on leaving comments.

p.s. How do you like the new header?


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