A Month Away

Not that I was really looking forward to kicking off my career, but upon receiving the phone call by the company saying that the start date is postponed until Nov 2, I was like screaming. Another month doing nothing? That’s killing me. I was angry beyond words for a few seconds.

So another 30 plus days, to console myself, I can do plenty of things. My mother promised me an amount of money for doing the house chores ( I think she can sense that I am so used to having my own source of income, plus she wants to avoid me doing anything else but staying quietly at home I think), but here’s the list of things I MUST do in these days to come. Someone please give ask me about this from time to time:

  1. Cook everyday and sharpen my skills;
  2. Finish at least 8 books; [Done with 2 fictions, by Oct 2nd]
  3. Finish memorising Juz 2 of the al Quran, strengthen my memorisation of the previous one
  4. Start writing for publication;
  5. Try to write an entry a day (this is going to be hard);
  6. Lose weight! Back to 48kg in one month

Err.. that’s it. Let see how it goes.


I think I’m stopping for a while. Let say, 2 weeks.



  1. Salam Afni,

    Partly I can understand the feelings of staying at home doing ‘nothing” but please enjoy it while you can…

    Life will not ever be the same again after you started working.

    And probably can try to create a module on love-your environment for children with islamic input…. yet to find one and i dont know how to start one by myself..he..he…

    And if you encounter about gold-based economy, gold dinar vs fiat money during your reading…try to make an entry yea…

    I am into it now but so limited time to read.

    lastly…ada tak kekawan lagi kat UK nun yang nak balik tak lama lgi…kot-kot boleh kirim barang lagi..he..he..

    p/s mai lah seremban….boleh singgah rumah

  2. salam kak faridah,

    everyone keeps saying that, and I am convinced that I am, by now, trying to enjoy every second of my holiday.

    for kids? that’s gonna be tough! My knowledge on children psychology is nil – it is not going to be helpful if I create it!

    I have read a little bit on that, and have suggested for my usrah group (with my girl friends in KL) to discuss on this money matters soon, I’ll see if I can find more on that later and write about it.

    hmm..yg nak balik tak ada lagi setahu saya, the soonest is december. OK ke? nanti akak contact saya if Dec seems ok.

    p.s. Inshaallah, will try to visit you once I get back my wings ;P

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