Ramadhan Ramblings

I do miss being wished ‘Ramadhan Kareem’ by some strangers when I walked along the Curry Miles.

Malay food is on its way to making me fat. Currently considering a change in lifestyle – probably more exercises and less fat in food? I don’t want my artery to be clotted with fat anytime soon.

And maybe I should cut down coffee too. Regardless of how tempting it can be, due to the ease at which I can have a cup of coffee, thanks to the boom in 3-in-1 coffee market, I have not drink coffee for, err, five days or so. Which is an achievement. With additives like sugar and milk, the calories count can be frightening too. And I know I am at the edge of being an addict, so I better stop.

I should not whine, I know, but I was born in a country which temperature can be around 30-31 degree celcius, which is not fun. I am thirsty most of the time, and I could not bear the thought of having to buy bottled water everytime I go out (and to quote one writer, it is the stupidest thing anyone can do), so I bring my beautifully-decorated aluminium bottle everywhere I go. Plastic water bottle is not easily degraded once you throw it away, and it stays there for hundreds of year. For me, it is a sin by itself.

I fear going out to Bazaar Ramadhan, and I didn’t have to on my first day fasting this year. It is really saddening to see my people eagerly buying food, and I don’t think we have absorbed the essence of Ramadhan by doing that. Why suddenly everyone craves for different ‘kuih-muih’ while normally they don’t eat that? It is dinner, so just have dinner, not dinner and lunch and breakfast and tea breaks.

Two nights of tarawih, and I am very pleased with the imams in-charge. They recite beautifully, and though it was long (not really, we finish before 10 p.m. normally), I don’t mind – I refuse to wear ‘telekung’ which adds extra layers that induce heavy perspiration, the experience seems to be more enjoyable. And the imams read verses that I can fully understand their meanings. Well, until tomorrow only.

Ramadhan Kareem to all!

p.s. I’m going to Penang tomorrow inshaAllah for a week, then to KL to settle things about my job for another week. Still considering to stay in Shah Alam for the third week, if I miss home much I will go back to Perlis.


One comment

  1. Salam Afni,

    cuba lah kopi Radix…tokey dia kan orang Perlis…Muslim yang komitted insya allah.

    Kalau dah minum banyak dan kena beli selalu, jadilah ahli , boleh jadi ahli bawah akak…he…he..

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