Of Carbon Footprint

misc 024Graduation day is coming in a week, marking officially the end of my undergraduate life.

To be honest, if you ask me now, I would not even want to go back redoing all these four years even if you pay me thousands. Probably, there is not much to change about my academic life – except that I should have train myself NOT to do last minute works.

To commemorate my two semesters doing the dissertation on carbon footprinting of ready-meals whihc take uo 5/12 of my final year marks, which make up to 6/16 of my total average, I am putting up the photos we took one late evening – when I suddenly became panicked and rushed to ASDA (which was closing in 1 hour) to get some ideas on ready-meals (usual weight of packaging and contents, ingredients) – for the fact that I have never tasted one and did not have any idea at all about them.

Many thanks to Hanee, who patiently and phlegmaticcally drove me there.

misc 022misc 027misc 032

These food really look tasty and, yes, cheap. If these are halal I would have been a fan long ago.

p.s. I got 0.8% short of first class mark for this dissertation, which sends this message to me: ‘Padan muka, buat lagi kerja last minute!’


One comment

  1. Salam Afni,

    let me be the first person to welcome you back to Malaysia 🙂
    Probably we can meet up and discuss something sometime in future..on the environment issue of course.

    I’m still searching for a good islamic-minded programme on environment for my children.

    By the way, sorry off topic sikit, did you get my email regarding the parcel from France?


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