Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.  ~Dion Boucicault

But in my case, the time is not killing me quietly – I can feel it.

I am done traveling – there’s nowhere left visitable within my budget that can excite me, so cross this option out.

I am done shopping, most of it, and I’ve learnt long ago that this won’t give me much happiness, so this one is also out.

I have started reading, but focusing on one book at a time is too much, I strive on finishing it, and could not digest the input well (hence you see no entries on books I have read), so I am doing it slow and steady. I planned to visit the library- researching more on the part of history I am interested in, but when it is raining I just could not help but saying to myself ‘It’s gonna be nasty out there’ that I stay in the house.

But yes, I am not done packing, but this activity is not exciting enough.

I long to go studying religious classical texts, but so far all that I can get was the FOSIS Conference with Tariq Ramadan speaking (wohoo..he was fantastic!), iERA – a New Era in Dakwah yesterday. Will be in London this weekend for Tafseer Seminar with Sabeel institute for two days (going to be there for four days in fact, inshaAllah), and planning to attend an alKauthar course : Roadmap to Knowledge the weekend before my graduation. And yes, a talk by Imam Zia Ullah at MYF the weekend before that. That’s all I can get.

Oh yes, before you ask, I don’t work part time. It has become a myth now that you can easily get summer jobs in Manchester. It is not that wasy I am telling you. Plus, I chose not to because I could not bear the idea of waking up early every morning and have less time for interesting events. Or reading books. Or watching movies.

Talking about movies – Transformers 2 was all action – I do love it to a certain extent, but some parts are just lame. I don’t know why. I won’t watch it for the second time, despite having re-watch Transformers 1 for four times.

What else?

Will write something worth reading soon inshaAllah. Finished reading ‘Snoop: What your stuff says about you’ and continued with Tariq Ramadan’s books. Or maybe start being serious about reading environmental philosophy, or persistently be a John Ryland’s visitor to study history.


What have I done to myself?



  1. Sebab banyak buat mende lain aku tak sempat tulis cerpen (alasan)..hehe

    Otak rasa tak berjalan kalau tak berfikir secara serius, and hati rasa mati kalau lama-lama tak dengar tazkirah. Sure, dengar online pon ada, cuma xleh tanya soalan..so x best!

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