Things I will Miss : Viva Palestina

No, I am yet to burst into tears over leaving Manchester which has been my home for four years, but upon reading this message sent to my Facebook Inbox, I know for certain that this is one of the things that I would deeply miss once I get back to Malaysia.

To members of Manchester University Occupation – Solidarity with Gaza

Hey everyone,

Firstly i hope that all of ur exams have passed along smoothly.

During the occupation many people donated sleeping bags, heaters, and other items to us. This helped us keep the occupation going over the entire month. A massive thanks is deserved to all those who helped out like this 🙂

Since the occupation Jamie has been kindly keeping many of the donated items in his basement. He is moving out soon, and if anyone still needs to collect their stuff before it goes to the charity shop then please contact him ASAP. His number is 07970724441


Secondly, we have had some huge steps forward regarding getting our demands. Here is a brief update on where we are at over the Manchester occupation’s demands:

Our demand that the University should contribute to an Aid Convoy to Gaza- agreed to! We are presently working out what we can send. So far the library has agreed to send books, and we are also trying to get computers sent over.

Our demand for a fundraising day- we raised thousands of pounds for the DEC appeal during this week. We also reached thousands of students and were able to tell them about the continuingly appalling conditions in Gaza. This week has also helped us build a even bigger Palestine campaign on campus ready for next year! Congrats to everyone who was involved!

Our demand for scholarships for Gazans has been met! We are now working out the practicalities of the relationship. It should be in place in the new academic year of 2010. Even the VC has said we made a strong proposal!

Our demand that the University should divest from the arms trade has been a little more harder. However, we are in talks with the University over who they invest in, who they buy from, and who they do research for. We need to keep up the pressure on this issue, making sure that we oppose any relationship between our Universitry and companies which give support to Israel.

Our demand for a module open for all students on the history of modern Palestine is still being worked on. We do need help on this issue however. Any ideas on favourable academics, of what should be taught, or how we can present this to the University would be much appreciated!

Lastly, we have working groups set up which look at each of our demands. If you would like to get involved (even if its only just a little bit) then please get in contact.

From the very first moments of the occupation everyone has had so many good ideas-lets keep this up and make sure that the Palestine campaign goes from strength to strength!

Sorry for the huge message, but i hope that it has brought people up2date with what has been achieved so far.

Take care, and Viva Viva Palestina!

I don’t know what was in their minds, but to ask and work for something like this would be unthought-of if it was me – I mean, you can really ask the university to provide a scholarship, and yes, interfere with whom and what the university is investing on. Hence I wonder, what makes my imagination so limited? Is it the ‘no, you can’t’ attitude or is it the environment I was brought up in which did not taught me to challenge the status quo?

I do think that somehow it comes back to knowing my rights – what I am entitled to, hence I know when to complain. And we have to admit, most of us Malaysians don’t understand this – I doubt if we have been properly educated on simple things like consumer rights. Let alone the fact that you have the right not to let anyone touch and take you IC without your consent, even if it is a policeman who is asking for it.

Way to go.

And I must bid good bye to this ‘everything is possible’ world of student activism.

London Demo
London Demo

Occupation- the very first day!
Occupation- the very first day!



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