Women Rights: So much to stop fighting?

ARKIB : 05/06/2009

Derita isteri didera

Saya telah berkahwin selama 10 tahun. Kami mempunyai tiga anak. Pada mulanya kehidupan kami bahagia, tetapi selepas kelahiran anak kedua, suami mula berubah sikap. Dia menjadi semakin kasar terhadap saya.

Asyik memukul dan menerajang saya. Tidak boleh salah sikit, saya ditamparnya. Walaupun dia tidak memukul anak-anak tetapi dia sering kali memukul saya di hadapan mereka menyebabkan anak-anak juga takut kepadanya. Saya pernah cuba melawan kata-katanya dan memberitahu suami saya mahu memohon penceraian tetapi suami mengugut akan membunuh saya jika saya berani membuat laporan polis atau ke mahkamah menuntut cerai. Keluarga sendiri tidak memberikan sokongan. Bantulah saya.

Jameelah Yassin, Kuala Lumpur

I don’t know why some of my male colleagues started to call myself feminist – I don’t even label myself that way. As I have always put it, I will always fight for womens’ rights. Of course, some of you might dismiss me by saying that what else is there to fight for, Islam has already liberated women long ago. Oh well, if that is so, then why do cases like the one I copied above keep coming on newspapers? Islam does show you the right way, but we have never tried to implement it fully, so is there any reason for me to stop fighting for this?

And fighting for something like this, must start from curing the root of the problems. I am yet to fully analyse this, but surely it comes from the mindset that we have among us (I have no heart to list them down here, later on maybe), it might be the system that is not helpful.

If you want to tell me that this is an anomaly – buy yourself a Mingguan Wanita or any women magazines and you’ll see cases like this.

And yet some of you have the heart to tell me that whatever that I am fighting for is not worth, that the change is too hard to make – and funnily that comes from someone who also fights against injustice.

What can I say? Our men regards this injustice as of lower level that what they are fighting against – the corruption of power and all.

Too bad I say.

Injustice is injustice, and you have to say no to it.



  1. Sorry to say, but it’s typical of men to ‘hide’ behind religion. That’s what has been happening, and the reason Islam scorned upon in the West. Yeah we don’t need their (the West, especially their feminists) approval, but would we have to admit that Islam is still being exploited even by our own Muslim men! Kalau isteri tuntut-tuntut hak, mulalah melabel derhaka-lah, berdosa-lah, diri sendiri tak sempurna tak nak muhasabah. Urghh.

    Anyway kak, I think this is like your 100-th attempt to clarify? Lol

  2. Not so much to clarify or defense, but to educate as much as I could – that sounds better..hehe.

    Yep, probably because we don’t have honour killing and extreme things like that that we tend to ignore this issues, but the symptoms are still there, just in other manifestation, like the one I pasted.

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