Final Hours (II): 69 Stamford Street

One of my finest moments in Manchester was probably when I was residing in the Old Trafford, in a house consisting of seven girls : Kak Khairiah, Kak Ros, Kak Dayah, Kak Abby, Hanee, Aidah and I. Well, my current housemates asked: Is the one we are living in not good enough? I told them it was different, the environment is very much the same – lively and full of love, but admit it, when you are younger there is less responsibility – hence merrier.

I made this video years ago, kept it private in Youtube for a while, but decided to put it back here. I missed these people so much. 


My my. 69 Stamford. How I wish I could turn back time.

p.s. I have just another exam to go inshaAllah!


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