My poster presentation will be on Thursday 7.

My Solid Waste Management and Valorisation 5000-word report must be handed on the 18th.

My Eco-Design and Green Chemistry exam will start on Monday 21.

And yes, the final written university exam that I am to sit will be on the 26th – for Solid Waste Management and Valorisation – which will mark the end of my university life [Part One hopefully, thinking of coming back but not so soon].

Until then, this blog will be kept in silence. 

But here are some suggestions, from my previous writings:

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Till then, take care!

p.s. I have accepted a job offer, Sime Darby. En route to my dreams, insha Allah.



  1. all the best, afni!! aku plak presentation esok (5th May 2009) doakan! submit report jumaat 8/5, exam 29th..habis 11th June… doa sama2 utk kebaikan bersama iA..=)

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