Life in Manchester: The Final Hours (I)


young and wild and fat

Came across this pic from my album, can’t believe that it has been three years since this pic was taken somewhere in Caingorm – you see every one has changed, their statuses (one is already a mother, two are process engineers, and the other two still badly immersed in dissertation), their physicals (generally, everyone is slimmer, except for you Kimah!) and the smiles…

You see the smiles?

Those were the smiles of  first year students starting to enjoy their lives abroad – and I guess all of us have grown much wiser since then. Lots of things happened along the way, and probably, if you asked for the same smiles – you could never have them re-produced. That is what life has done to us – all the loss of loved ones some of us faced, the difficulties forced to us, maturity gained and bigger responsibilities burdened on our shoulders…

All in all, I praised Allah for such lovely circle of friends, accepting me most of the time unconditionally (and yes, I do love you guys whether you are a sanguine who has an incomprehensible love for attention, a phlegmatic whom I have to use my full assertion to move, or a melancholy who thinks a little too much it’s annoying) – you kept me sheltered for four years, and sooner I am out wandering in the world, probably all by myself!

This is the melancholy side of me, in case you could not understand why today I turned sentimental.



  1. silap aa afni, ku x termasuk dalam “Young, wild and fat” aaa, tapi aku ialah “young & dangerous”. ngehngehngeh

    [ku masih simpan gamba2 kurang sopan kita semua ketika beraktiviti di sana. huhu]

    those days have left us so far.. untouchable memories… [melankolik.. melankolik..]

  2. waddehey..mana gambar aku? derhaka punya member..
    sudahlah afni, lepas ni tiada lagi kidungmu..takmo housemate dgn afni..hoh.

  3. kata taknak aku glemerkan ko kat blog ko marah gambar ko xde. apekah.

    aku crop buang pic ko in purpose..huahuahua.

    aku pon tanak housemate ngan ko jugak.

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