Madly in Love

No, this is not an entry that is due to the ‘Final Year Syndrome’ as my friends have always described it.

My after-prayer reading currently is this e-book I downloaded from – Love for Allah.

I haven’t read much, but I will put here some of the words that moved me – for the fact that things I wrote here in my blog, I tend to remember them better, and of course, hopefully these words give an impact to you too.

‘A famous commentator of Al Quran once summarised the commentary of the entire Quran in a single sentence:

Gain the pleasure of Allah through worship,

Gain the pleasure of Allah’s Messenger through following his sunnah,

Gain the pleasure of creation through serving them.

[How wise was this man]

For the mind, heart and sight, the first shaykh is ‘ishq (love). If there be not ‘ishq, then Shariah and deen become but idols of whimsical idea.

[True. Never lose sight of why we are fighting for things we fight. Out of sentiment or out of the love of Allah and His Pleasure? ~ a tazkirah for the cholerics!]

Love is the beginning; Love is the end; Love is everything;

Love is the branch; Love is the tree; Love is the flower. 

[I’m touched. Everything I do should be out of Love]

The first principle: Heart is always in love with someone.

The heart is the ocean of love; love is its act; Guard it a thousand ways; It will still fall in love.

[Gotta do self-check every now and then – who is it in your heart that you seek to please? Allah or some person or the society?]

That’s it for today. Banyak-banyak nanti susah nak hadam dan lekatkan kat otak untuk terjemah dalam peribadi.

p.s. I went to this discussion ‘Women and Religions’ – sort of discussing if being feminist allow us to be religious at the same time. Well, my brand of feminism is a part of my definition of being religious and a practising Muslim, so they don’t clash.

p.p.s I forgot that today is the Earth Day! Ouchh! So the resolution for this year’s Earth Day : Complete my ‘Carbon Footprinting of Ready-meals’ the best that I can.

p.p.p.s Siapa-siapa yang tak tengok lagi filem Che (Part One and Two) silalah tengok. Very inspiring. A number of websites allow you to watch this movie (streaming), just google it. Fine – I am yet to watch Sang Murabbi or Laskar Pelangi or whatever, but you don’t need the label ‘Islamic’ to derive something good from something, no?



  1. Salam wbt

    Just wonder,

    Orang yang pi talk Liberal, in d end akan conclude Liberal x bertentangan dengan Islam

    Pi talk Ayah Pin, pun sama
    Pi talk sosialis, pun sama
    Pi talk Islam Hadhari, pun sama juga

    Kak Afni pi talk feminism, ….

  2. So the conclusion is jangan pegi talks apa-apa pun so that kita tak akan terpengaruh?

    Pergi dan fikir, bukan pergi dan ikut buta-buta.

    Our people has been scared off from thinking lah kalau all that we do is to listen to those we believe are on the right path, as if we don’t have enough intellectual capacity to think for ourselves.

    It is more or less the same concept as let’s not allow Non-muslim to use the word Allah, for fear that Muslims might convert to other religions.

    I listened to Islam Hadhari talks and read the books, but I don’t subscribe to the idea.

    I went to socialist talks, I read the Communist Manifesto, indulged in Fidel Castro’s biography, watched movies about Che Guevara and I still find unacceptable things about socialism and communism.

    And the same thing goes with feminism – there are different brands and ideology of feminism – and to generalise and say that my brand of feminism is wrong is unacceptable. Even our discussion just now concluded that there are different kinds of feminism – which probably not all is about man-hating (if that is what you are worried about). Theirs are different from mine in certain aspects.

    And I disagree with some ideas in environmentalism too, as I believe some of them are not parallel with Islamic teachings.

    And again I want to reiterate – we as those who claim to understand and work for Islam, should not shy away from thinking and criticising and venture outside our haraki books and lectures and pool of ustaz & ustazah- for fear we will go astray. Allah gives us the capacity to think and even urges us to, so many times if you read the Quran properly.

    Thanks for commenting Shahnom!

  3. Kak, I agree.

    I’ve read books that condemned Islam, condemned Muslim women, Islamic feminism, etc..does that make agree with the writers and an apostate?

    When I was younger, I had this tendency to agree with almost everything I read. In my young mind, if one could write a book, then one must be an expert/knowledgeable/absolutely right. But the more I read, I concluded that it’s okay to disagree. It’s called thinking (a.k.a using my brain cells) and not “taklid buta.”

    I’ve read ManifestA by two Third-Wave feminists but found myself disagreeing with almost everything they wrote about to the point that I have to stop reading it. And I have both Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s books that I’ve read a little bit, was disgusted with her confusion between what is religious and what is cultural and put both away on the shelves. I promise myself that I would pick them up again, someday.

    Kalau dengar talk pun sikit-sikit terpengaruh, baca buku pun sikit-sikit terpesong, aish..lemahnya iman! Not that I’m implying I’m so “beriman” but I have my conviction and alhamdulillah God has “memelihara” my faith in me all these years.


  4. akak,

    I’m sorry if my comment sound unrelated to the post and kinda personal (well, u used to go personal on my blog as well kan?)

    I think you’ve engaged in a lot of discussions about feminism and how you interpret as well as express it in your own way. I daresay, when the discussion is with a member of the male species, the rate of positive response is perhaps below one per cent, so to speak.

    You get hostile comments that do not mirror a well-educated and well-informed mind on your facebook, on your YM, and your blog as well.

    Honestly, why bother to argue anymore? Why bother to reply to such comments? Why bother to pay attention to those, that you know, are not going to change their stands anyway? Isn’t it simply a waste of efforts on your part, an acknowledgement that their views are worth pondering upon? Isn’t it actually giving leeway for people to sneer and jeer more at you and your stand, without much benefit coming out of it?

    I applaud, celebrate, and fight for freedom of speech. I would never question the right of people to say anything or give any sort of opinion regarding my ideas and my conduct. However, I know, cherish, and bask myself in the freedom of silence as well, by not bothering to respond to opinions and attitudes that make me sick. Really, sometimes people are not worth responded to, let alone be granted the privilege of an argument.

    A lot of men are chauvinists at heart. Traditionalists who are stuck somewhere on time, where the women haven’t evolved into assertive, thinking, knowledgeable beings who in turn demanded their men to be better if not equal in standing to them. Lack of self-esteem and drive to self-develop led them to impose standards on women based on criterion from the undercivilized past, criterion that would ensure their ego is safeguarded and protected, not by improving themselves but by refusing to acknowledge women who don’t conform to their standards.

    A lot of men are such, but they don’t say their views out loud. They stick together, in the quiet, in the dark, recognizing each other and silently frowning at the outspoken women, knowing deep at the back of their minds that it doesn’t matter, these women can say whatever they wish to say, they, the men, would always have the final choice on who to pick as wives. That, is their winning card.

    Let us not be too loud either. Learn more from these surreptitious traditionalists who claim that they support assertive women, that they respect educated women, that they agree women should go out and serve the community, but deep inside, they want to find a wife who would never be a threat to their male supremacy. It is OK if she is not assertive, not too highly educated, and not keen to do active service to the people – perhaps better if she’s neither of the above.

    Let us not be too loud either, then perhaps, we might be able to quietly find our dream men, men of faith and intelligence, of love and responsibility, to be a companion and partner for life. Revolution and emancipation is not all about arguments and aggressive, defensive postures.

    As adapted from Sun Tzu. “Keep the women close, but keep the men closer.”


  5. There is wisdom in what you said Dibah.

    But again, being me – I just can’t let it go! One big choleric weakness is that I enjoy controversy and arguments, and thrive under opposition 😀

    A better part in me needs to say everything out loud – and while some (yes, some that we all recognised and know well) are not worth debating and arguing with, there are also a crowd that requires further explanation and I see it as my responsibility to do that.

    But thanks, probably I should learn to stay in silence. Hoho.

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