1 Malaysia

I can’t help it but writing again. So our new PM introduced the new theme for his administration – 1 Malaysia. In case you haven’t heard of this concept, he has this one whole website dedicated for the purpose of making us understand his vision: 1Malaysia.

I don’t know how far this concept of unity can be achieved. I have to say, rather humbly, that due to my limited knowledge and ability to think maybe, that the idea of one Malaysia doesn’t seem fit with the existence of many political parties based on race, and even the so-called meritocracy (but with quotas for Malays). Aiyah. I don’t really know how this idea of 1 Malaysia can be parallel with the concept of Malay (or even more correctly – bumiputera) superiority – as people keep shouting that we have these special rights and all.

I have never written about this before, but I can’t keep this question to myself any longer: how long would my Chinese and Indian friends would have to wait before they are considered true Malaysians – possessing equal rights with us Malays? Are we going to still keep holding on to this idea of superiority even when we are celebrating our 100th National Day?

Probably I should read more on my PM’s great ideas – 8 values of 1 Malaysia to understand this and perhaps get some satisfying answers:

8 values in 1 Malaysia

8 values in 1 Malaysia


I guess the concept of Islam Hadhari will not be used anymore, with the introduction of this new concept.

Too bad.



  1. Youe quote “I have never written about this before, but I can’t keep this question to myself any longer: how long would my Chinese and Indian friends would have to wait before they are considered true Malaysians – possessing equal rights with us Malays? Are we going to still keep holding on to this idea of superiority even when we are celebrating our 100th National Day?” – How about us in Sabah and Sarawak? When we apply or fill any government forms; Bangsa: 1-Melayu, 2-Cina, 3-India, 4-Lain-Lain… We fall under category no 4 – No Title!!!! Do Malaysia knows what types or what colours of people are in Sabah and Sarawak??

  2. True.

    I wonder where did some people get the idea that Malay is somehow even superior than other bumiputeras – to allow such classification to happen.

    BTW, some suggested that the very first practical application of this 1-Malaysia idea is that there is no need for racial identification to be included in any government forms. Good idea I say.

    If there is to be any special rights at all, it should not be for Malays only – it should include all other forgotten bumiputeras: those ethnic in Sabah & Sarawak, and also orang Asli.

    Malaysia has an absolutely confusing definition on things.


  3. Salam.

    We used to discuss this couple of years back, and what I perceive in the diagram is the glaring lack of one most important quality – TRUST. It is this lack of trust that keeps all the different ethnic groups in Malaysia from ever ever becoming one. The Chinese are wary towards Malays and looked down upon us as the lazy-asses, while the Malays are convinced that all the Chinese do is scheming against us. The Indians are conveniently left out of the picture, neither intelligent enough nor powerful enough to matter, except during those tumultuous Hindraf uprisings. (Or are these stereotypes indoctrinated into our minds as a secret ‘divide-and-rule’ agenda of the powers-that-be?)

    In England, racism is fought ferociously by the government and (almost) every single activist group you can think of. Well, there’s BNP, but they’re not like the ruling party and there are rallies and posters and campaigns all over the place to discredit them. In Malaysia, racism is propagated in the name of justice and stability, anti-racism stand merely lip service paid by those who got two mouths, one below the nose and one between the gluteus maximus muscles. You know what the second mouth would say behind the media among their ilks.

    The lack of trust is not something that we could solve by pastiche slogans or superficial campaigns or half-assed efforts. It can only be solved when the powers-that-be recognized that the people need to see genuine proof that they need not fear manipulation, trickery, usurpation, and hijacking of rights from other ethnic groups. This genuine proof is not going to manifest itself out of some natural selection cycle – the authorities need to proactively do something about it, and these things don’t even have to be controversial like questioning Malay supremacy or the Monarch. How about tackling poverty and giving freedom of speech for everyone, not only those government-endorsed, for a start?

  4. I’ve read through Dato’ Najib’s explanation on the value ‘Acceptance’ and it seems to tackle the problem about trust. And he also did mention this:

    “On the government’s role in nurturing acceptance:

    I think we have to embark on policies that seem to be fair and implemented in a way that reflects our commitment. For example, when we talk about helping the poor, we must be helping the poor of all communities. And I think the poor of all communities deserve to be helped. So our programmes, our financial allocations must reflect the need to tackle the problems of the poor across all racial and ethnic lines. That’s an example of the policies on that level.”


    For a theory, it sounds all perfect, but we need to wait to see the different it makes in real life.

    But again, about Malaysia not being racist by having this concept of supremacy (which is fundamentally, I believe, is wrong) is damn confusing.

    Still, there’s a long way to go before we can discuss that openly, just like what you said, and before we can change that bit, we gotta clear up all the immediate and obvious mess.

  5. Salam.

    Haha. That shows how sometimes one must really pay attention to the intricacies of what one’s de jure leaders say, instead of making the pre-assumption that everything is going to be utter tosh and not worth reading anyway. (All this fraternizing with the Left people seems to be leaving a significant effect on my outlook?)

    Rebranding and restrategizing would always look nice on paper, and any positive development in the future, regardless of who are actually working behind it, would always be attributed to these ‘rebranding’ and ‘restrategizing’ et cetera et cetera. Look at our Independence Day, why is it that one group who work for it is conveniently sidelined in the telling of history? I’m starting to suspect all the ‘successful’ projects in the past – Red Book, Green Book, DEB, all those educational Penyata, who are actually working to materialize all the success attributed to it? As Orwell said in his novel 1984, those who control the present, controls the past.

    I bet if the ruling coalition is still in power in the future, all our grandchildren’s textbooks would be full of utopian descriptions of the outcomes of Islam Hadhari and 1 Malaysia.

    (harap2 sponsor tak baca blog ni lalalala~)

  6. Refrain yourself from being in contact with any Leftist then! Some parts of us have this tendency of being blinded regardless of how unbiased we try to be.

    Is it just me or actually there’s nothing significant that can be attributed to Islam Hadhari other than those projects like Hub Makanan Halal etc? Like how it enhanced Malaysia spiritual capital or social capital?

  7. I wouldn’t leave the Leftists for the world, at least here in the UK. Being with them taught me a lot more than being with any other local group – not even ISoc.

  8. We believe 1Malaysia concept is the best solution for today but to some folks, this so called ‘best’ is not good enough for them. look at the comment, some of us start comparing Malaysia with some Western countries. What about apartheid? Do we love that concept? Ask ourselves, all these while what have we done to improve the government other than criticize them.. That’s what we are good at..

  9. Pureguy,

    Who are ‘we’ you are talking about?

    What is it with ‘comparing Malaysia with Western countries’? Is the wrong bit the ‘Western’ or ‘comparing’?

    And apartheid, why does that come in your argument?

    Tell me, what can we do to improve the government? Criticising, is it all bad without any good side?

    Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

  10. Hmm…if 1 Malaysia = celebrating open days together or wearing clothes of other races, then of course that will not in any case means Malaysian unity. The situation on race issues in Malaysia in my opinion is actually slowly but steadily building up tension. So we do need to find a solution..but what should we do?

  11. If one Malaysia wants to be realised they should first let us non muslims to have a fair chance to enter universities we non muslims are given very little places correct that first and then the PM will get his 1 Malaysia !!!!

  12. safaju,
    to be honest, I couldn’t find any immediate solution.
    Prejudice on other races for example, is deeply rooted, and no immediate policy can delete such things at once.

    I don’t think it is pretty much about Muslims and non-muslims, though you might equate Muslim with being Malay. IMHO, if it comes to fair chances in getting into universities, it means that, without neglecting criteria based on academic merit, those not-so-privileged should be also be given special attention.

    If it is a Malay who is poor, then he should be helped due to his poverty, not his ethnicity.

    If it is a Chinese who is poverty-stricken, then help him because of that.

    And the list goes.

    how to lose weight in 2 weeks,
    i love the basic idea though, but I wish it is more than just rhetoric.

    Thanks for dropping by everyone!

  13. people always thought of the negative things ahead of anything good, isn’t us?
    why cann’t we sit for a while and think. we see things in our perspective without even trying to look from others point views. why do we even bother who gets more and who get less? even in our family, the smallest form of community, we share almost everything, from the darkest secret to the best idea! so, why do people even bother, even if I’m not a Malay, so what? I have a lot of friends from other races and religious. we fight! so, what?
    that is why the concept of 1 Malaysia is on, so we learn to readily accept each and every single one of us without any discrimination even the thought of different races to eliminate us from our big country
    TQ for listening to my little mouth speaking to you adults…

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