Six Feet Under

My right eye keeps twitching for days, and the websites I checked say that it is a sign of stress and anxiety.

I have just realised that it is getting harder to wake up in the morning and leave the bed, so this is too, a sign that I am suffering from depression – a mild one hopefully.

With job interviews coming (and the whole pre-interview preparation and finding the suit to wear), a 5000-words waste management plan to prepare, another 5000-words essay on pesticide history and evolution, alongside my 50 credits final year dissertation – the anxiety of a final year student is apparently different from non-final years’ stress. Include recession in the equation, it cannot be more challenging.

And by the way, thank you for all your comments on the previous entry ‘On Being a Woman: Gentleness, Sidelined and Segregated’ – I’d love to respond to all of the comments, and continue the discussion, but for the time being, due to my current emotional state, it is not wise to write some more – it will be contaminated with emotion, and more often than not I will appear defensive. But please keep the discussion running, we are all trying to find the truth, aren’t we? 

Oh, I am six feet deep in a pile of to-do items!


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