Day In Day Out



So how does the title sound? I don’t like it much but here’s the thing, I am so stuck with studying forage, hay and silage and I guess i should stop for a while and do some reflections on what I have done. Oh, I’ve never thought of recording my day like this, but just in case I live long enough and lucky enough to have children, this is a proof that their mother has once lived a normal life and did something other than nagging and feeding them (What kind of crap am I talking?):

1. I was ready to go to the Student Union on Monday  – I volunteered for Islam Awareness Week – to man the stall on ‘Women in Islam’ when someone knocked on the door. Of course I rushed to open the door, it might be the postperson who was standing in the cold – but it turned out to be these two old men. OK, here come the missionaries. This is really good- I am very much energised early in the morning so they would have to be prepared to answer loads of questions from me.

And they did have to stand in the cold long enough to start mentioning explicitly how cold it was while trying to  answer my questions.

By the way, they are from Jehovah’s Witnesses church, and this wasn’t the first time they came around knocking doors. And basically what they preach is that there will be a kingdom of god coming soon, or that Jesus Christ is coming back to build this world so that we will all live in harmony.

One man started by asking me my faith – and tried to find a common point – we believe in the same prophets. Good trick man, and he mentioned about them not believing in Jesus as a Son of God. In short, they don’t believe in trinity. And I think I gave them much trouble by not sticking to just one point but jumping to other things too quickly. Here are some questions that I recalled asking:

1- Why do other Christians believe in trinity? Is it the way they interpret the verses?

2- The man said that the word God does not necessarily means God, because if it is God, it would be Almighty God. Otherwise it can refer to human, in that verse he was showing me (to prove something else actually), it refers to Jesus. I said it is confusing – by using the same term you are sort of giving the same attributes to human. Then they said that’s the way Christian understand things.

3- an irrelevant question: Do you memorise the Bible? (No, nobody memorise the bible) – why not? If you believe it is the word of God surely you’ll have a great motivation to make sure that it is in your heart. (they answered that there is a friend of theirs who memorises the whole thing but it is just memorising so there’s nothing to it. They read it everyday anyway)- then I bragged about me in progress of memorising Quran, and Quran is preserved by thousands of people who memorised the whole book (aku memang sangat keji).

4- I think they sort of have this fatalistic outlook on life – which they have a hard time explaining to me. I ask, so you said that all we can do right now is just to wait for the saviour to come and save us and build this kingdom of god and we normal human being could not do anything?(they answered yes, and said that the history has proven that human has never been able to make things right – surely they are yet to read about the kingdom built by a person name Muhammad centuries ago) I said: ‘Wow, that sounds too fatalistic to me!’ It does not make sense, probably because I have been thought that if we human want to change something we gotta do something rather than waiting. He answered that they are doing something, exactly like what Jesus have been doing – go door to door telling people about this and even by doing something like this it doesn’t make any big change – it comes back to the politicians who have all the powers. So we human are proven to helpless – we are in need of Divine help. Sort of.

5- So I asked: ‘So why don’t you go into politics? Then you can have bigger influence and can change things.Or is it that you are not allowed to?’ I could not remember what he said that he thinks politics is important, but that is not the way kingdom of god will be built.

Some of the questions that I could remember myself asking, I think the discussion lasted for 40 minutes at my door step and ended with a defensive note on their side – ‘But we are here not to convert people’ – and that at least I am aware that there are Christians who do not believe in trinity. OK, I was privileged in that discussion that since I am the approached person who has the right to question anything without my faith being rebuked (except for once, when I asked them whether they have read the Bible in its original language, and they said no, and I said that now that they are relying totally translation which is probably wrong, and they asked back is it not the same problem with Quran, but I said I can understand Arabic -which is partially true- and read Quran in its original language), but seriously some of the questions I asked, if they were reciprocated, I’d have troubles too – we did rely much on others’ interpretation for religious understanding, don’t we?

2. I am currently reading this beautiful book, Backwards in High Heels: The Impossible Art of Being Female:

The Book

The Book

In case you could not infer by yourself from the title, more or less this is sort of feminists’ book – a friend (who despises the idea of her name being mentioned in my blog) looked at the book at commented : Afni’s textbook of fiqhul mar’ah (fiqh of the females). I am not that bad, but surely it is good to once in a while try to pull yourself out of the flow and try to look at things from different angles.

One of the topics, of course, on the idea of romantic love, which the authors claimed to be cultural in some sense which means that if one culture does not have the idea of roses and chocolates as part of the romantic love, nobody will think of it as necessary. Which is somehow true. It might not be wrong, but for a proud person who refuse to succumb to some ideas and notions spread by some parties who make profit – I choose to differ. Not much perhaps, but realisation is the first step.

There are some other things I have pondered on upon reading this, but I’ll write about them later, in some other entries.

3. I met my personal tutor for the first time – which makes me far from being given the title of ‘model student’ but we had a great time chatting – luckily my results were not worth of a serious discussion – so we talked about my plans after graduating, his works in research, and yes, he tried to convince me to do a Master in what he’s currently doing , something related to biomedical. I said no, I am allergic to the word biology. Medical is fine, thanks to the excessive doses of Grey’s Anatomy (But honestly, being the victim of OSCE-practising medics reminded me of my fear of being aware that inside me are a number of organs working by themselves – I feel so fragile just by imagining that!). I am still going back inshaAllah. Back home, baby!

That’s for now!

What a messy entry.


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