Biofuel: Forbidden?

I feel like kicking something, but can’t find anything proper to be kicked, so I wrote it here.

Islamic scholar condemns bioethanol

Biofuels are un-Islamic, scholar says, as he warns Saudi students not to drive ethanol-powered cars when abroad

The sheikh was keen to stress that he has not issued a fatwa, but does believe the matter needs further clarification from the relevant Islamic institutions.

As ethanol is “basically made up of alcohol”, it must be avoided.

Sheikh Mohamed Al-Najimi, a scholar at the Saudi Islamic Jurisprudence Academy, reportedly warned students travelling outside Saudi Arabia not to drive any vehicles powered with ethanol because the “prophet prohibited all kinds of dealings with alcohol including buying, selling, carrying, serving, drinking, and manufacturing”.

full text

I was hoping, that some scholars would issue statements on environmental issues and how Islam has actually stresses all the basic principle of sustainable development, but definitely not something like this. Yes, I do not agree fully with the use of land for fuel purposes, thus increasing the food price (due to competition between crops for fueland crops for food), and I state clearly why it is so. This news report is one of most ‘dugged’ environmental news right now in the web, and I am very sorry that sooner or later, people might say that my religion could not care less about environment, because apparently, though only one scholar gave his opinion on this, generalisation might have been made about us.



 p.s: The original newsreport which mentioned about this can be found here.



  1. Hey, I thought alcohols that are obtained chemically, as opposed of naturally-chemical process are halal? That’s why alcohol-based perfumes are legit to be splash on even for solat.

  2. Alkohol diharamkan atas sifat memabukkan. Not for any other reasons. Atas dasar ni la perkara2 lain yg memudaratkan dan memabukkan e.g. drugs diqiaskan utk jadi haram.

    Alkohol bukan najis, maka kat perfume or anything else tak haram.

    Jadi first thought aku masa baca news piece ni adelah..apekah!!

    Or ilmu aku yg mmg tak cukup?

  3. Quote;

    “I feel like kicking something, but can’t find anything proper to be kicked, so I wrote it here.”

    I’m still giggling…whatever else, this is just an opinion not a fatwa.. In Malaysia also many muslims still believe that alcohol is ‘najis’. Kena samak lagi kalau terkena…(:p)

  4. You are not supposed to laugh at me – I am being honest by saying that 😛

    Of course, he stressed that it is his personal opinion – but maybe scholars should be a little more cautious when giving opinions – this one gets serious attention from environmentalists, and it is not giving good reputation to Islam.

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