Of Plants and What Comes with It

No, the plant I meant in the title is not chemical plant. It is plants as in agriculture. As a prt of my final year dissertation, as you have probably heard me whining about it in previous entries, I was to study the production system of agri-food. Well, that makes sense though that does not really sound very chemical engineering. Before you can actually sum up all the greenhouse gas emissions, you must first know the stages, which the system consists of. And after a few sessions of conservation works, planting and cutting down trees (I actually have grown biceps today – 7 hours of hedge-laying which includes chopping of 3 inch-diameter hedges- Save me from doing push-ups!) – I just recall how long has it been since I last had any interaction or activities involving soil and plants and gardening in general.

I used to like it when I was young – when I was 9, luckily I my father served for FELDA – we had a house with massive frontyard and backyard – and I remember growing vegetables enthusiastically, attending to my small farm every afternoon.

And I think, I sort of missed that. It was therapeutic, really.

And today, upon browsing Sahih Bukhari online, I came across a chapter on agriculture. Here are a number of narration regarding agriculture (Can you believe that? Islam even  mentioned specificallt about this stuff):

Volume 3, Book 39, Number 513:

Narrated Anas bin Malik:

Allah’s Apostle said, “There is none amongst the Muslims who plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, but is regarded as a charitable gift for him.”

Narrated Abu Umama al-Bahili:

I saw some agricultural equipments and said: “I heard the Prophet saying: “There is no house in which these equipment enters except that Allah will cause humiliation to enter it.”

And this one, it is quite funny somehow:

Volume 3, Book 39, Number 538:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Once the Prophet was narrating (a story), while a bedouin was sitting with him. “One of the inhabitants of Paradise will ask Allah to allow him to cultivate the land. Allah will ask him, ‘Are you not living in the pleasures you like?’ He will say, ‘Yes, but I like to cultivate the land.’ ” The Prophet added, “When the man (will be permitted he) will sow the seeds and the plants will grow up and get ripe, ready for reaping and so on till it will be as huge as mountains within a wink. Allah will then say to him, ‘O son of Adam! Take here you are, gather (the yield); nothing satisfies you.’ ” On that, the bedouin said, “The man must be either from Quraish (i.e. an emigrant) or an Ansari, for they are farmers, whereas we are not farmers.” The Prophet smiled (at this).

Correct me if I am wrong – did our PM has once mention about us going back to agriculture – securing our own food?

p.s. My mom gardens – and I think my cat is on of those that benefits on it. He actually consumes the leaves.


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