A Greener Malaysia

It is true like any other students I’ve met particularly law students and some medics as well, that whatever I learned (and am learning here), when it comes to trying to apply it to Malaysia and its conditions – it needs further reading. In other words, different (Oh, well! This sentence is so badly-constructed. Hopefully you can still understand it).

I would love to write about environmentalism and sustainable development in Malaysia (a concept which I have just learnt that it is called ‘pembangunan mapan‘ or ‘pembangunan lestari‘ in Malay), but I have some limitations – I have no knowledge whatsoever on the environmental law and regulations in my home country – given that in my studies here I was only introduced to EU Directives and UK Law. It is hard, not knowing where exactly my country sits when it comes to this green thing. But I detect we are not that sophisticated.

But I do applaud any sort of efforts made by the government to implement this kind of development – it was not easy for a developing country to adopt such notion. My only source of information on this would be the interactive Natural Resource and Environment Ministry website and this wonderful (you see how excited I am?) Parliamentary Q&A lists. 

NRE website

NRE website

NRE-related Q&A in Parliament

NRE-related Q&A in Parliament

I’ll read some more and see if I can make any further comment on this.

It is kind of hard to be away from home.*Sigh*


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