Life: Assorted

1. My new stream of books has started to arrive – the first one being Spiritual Capital by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall, bought at the price of £0.90 (+£2.75 for postage) from

Spiritual Capital

Spiritual Capital

I am thinking of putting this book on the top of my priority list – along with my ongoing study on exegesis.I was tempted to buy this one after reading Jonathon Porritt’s Capitalism as if the World Matters – he mentioned quite a number of time about this book – I guess it is worth buying (is there any book that is not worth buying, anyway?) I’ve started reading Women Who Run with the Wolves and think that it is extraordinarily beautiful. I think I should really make a list on what to read first.

I am still waiting for another two books from Amazon:

A Short Course in Intellectual Self-defense: Find Your Inner Chomsky”
Normand Baillargeon; Paperback; £6.59 

“The Communist Manifesto: Complete with Seven Rarely Published Prefaces”
Karl Marx; Paperback; £3.00

I promise that this will be the last time I indulge in such a shopping spree – 13 books in one month (that includes Twilight series my sister begged me to buy for her).

2. I’m beginning my practical bits of my research – Carbon Footprinting of Ready-Made Meals, so you can expect more ramblings on carbon footprint, food system, greenhouse gases and all. My timetable for next semester says that I will only have two weeks intensive lectures (as usual) – so it means most of the time I should discipline myself, wake up early and do research. My sleeping hours is disastrously abnormal – so I’ve decided to sign up for weekly sessions of environmental and conservation voluntary works with Tree for Cities and Lancashire Wild Trust.

Listen, I am a firm believer of the saying: ‘The busier you are, the more efficient you will be with your time’. 

3. I have also signed up for Mandarin classes. At last. Sigh. I’ve been planning to do this since my first year and here I am, on my final year, final semester – trying to cross out a few more items in my to-do list. I’ve checked back the list I made in my first year- on what I planned to do during my 4 years here – and it seems that I did not manage to do some of them out of my laziness. The opportunity was there, I was just being a lazybum not to grab it. Need examples? The uncrossed items include  bungee-jumping, martial art class, and programming.

Here’s a thought for any first years overseas student reading this entry: Think about what you want to do with your life abroad. Four years ain’t enough for everything, but surely more than enough just to spend studying. 



  1. macam baca buku teks
    skema …
    tp tu la
    hidup kena ikut skema
    kalau x jd mcm mr.mcbatistuta

    ~ no plan is the best plan..

  2. Salam…

    kelihatan benar seperti kak afni cakap….

    empat tahun tak cukup untuk buat segala perkara yang hendak dilakukan…namun ia lebih dari hanya memperuntukan waktu untuk belajar semata2….

    i need to do something that worth enough in these four years..serasanya saya banyak menghabiskan masa untuk sesuatu yang entah apa2…


  3. Shahnom,

    It depends really on what we want.
    I figured out that I had enough with fighting for so many A’s.
    It was time for me to go beyond that.


    My advice is out of my concern for you guys – do what you can with what you have. Fear the day when Allah will ask us what we do with the opportunities given to us to contribute more to his Deen.

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