Bus Ad, again.

I wrote briefly about the atheis bus advert previously which actually caused a stir in the UK itself. At least it seems like it does, because the news report on this issue appeared in my Google News page for at least 3-4 days.

While some applauded the freedom of speech everyone is enjoying regarding their faith, some are a bit disturbed by that – especially the Christians, who claimed that it was quite offensive.

But that is not my point. Today I read a newspiece on a bus advert, in the US, on Islam bus advert, which of course, raised a few criticism.

Islam bus ad
Islam bus ad

It says: ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. source

The critics say that this is pretty misleading for non-muslims – it implies that all the other men mentioned are Muslim.

Again, I am not discussing the arguments given, but I just think this is cool.

By the way, I still find it amusing that some things that I thought the society I am living in currently would not mind a bit – still manage to cause a bit of chaos and response.

This girl thinks that way too, when her virginity is bidded as high as £2.5 million – It is weird considering people don’t really prize it nowadays!

There are still surprises in this world.


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