Memorisation: One-three-four- ermm..what’s next?

I always have troubles when it comes to memorising number. It was not once that I forgot my own PIN, only to be recalled with the help of Hanee (who managed to memorise all my important numbers, thanks!). I even tend to forget my own house number!

Of course, I somehow can live with only my mobile numbers, my mom’s, my family’s landline number (and  Hanee’s mobile number, strangely) only, and choose to ignore this problem, but since I also realise that my memory is getting weaker, this year I am thinking of forcing myself to do something about it.

And sorry, I wasn’t interested in reading another memorisation techniques book by Tony Buzan (can’t even finish the Speed Reading book I bought in my first year) or whoever, but I chose to follow a more traditional route – memorising the Quran.

Having learned Arabic, I think I am so much blessed. It makes memorising a bit  easier, and somehow, this is one effective way to revise the long-forgotten Arabic lessons I spent time attending for two months back in Egypt!

To be honest, I often have some kind of jealousy to those who memorise the whole Quran. I know the responsibility is big (to ensure that the holy verses stay in your memory until you die), but the privilege given by Allah to these people is massive. How can you not envy that? I think it is such a good thing that many parents nowadays see the importance and advantages of training their children to be Quran-memorisers. Remember the amazing news of Amirah and a few other kids back then? I wrote about them previously here.

And to make things more beneficial, I try as much as I could to study the tafseer for each verse I am trying to memorise – Ibn Katheer is the major one (having the complete set at home), Al-Jalalayn, Ibn Abbas and once in a while al Qurtubi exegesis in Prayer Hall (I am seriously thinking of buying this one, £30 from

It makes things a little slower I know, but I could still remember the conclusion made by one of the speakers I listened to back in Banting – it is a shame that we Muslims do not know, and don’t even try to study the Quran (by study of course it means more than just reciting and reading its translation), while thousands of non-Muslim are busy studying it. Sure, one can never finish studying the Quran, the book full of hikmah, but for goodness’ sake, I am going to be 24 in less than three months and  I cannot claim that I know what is meant by most verses in the Quran except for a few!

There’s nothing wrong with taking small steps – some scholars I’ve listened to encouraged us to try to memorise as little as one or two verses per day. It is not hard, given that we can memorise more lines of Rihanna’s songs in just a few minutes. Two verses and then study the tafseer, I think that is quite feasible. Recall that we are living in a multimedia world- things are becoming so much easier.

Whats in your mind?
What’s in your mind?

In case you are having the same intention as mine, here is an article on tips to memorise the Quran. It seems that, along with empowering your memory, the by-product of the memorisation process is that you’ll become more disciplined!

May God make things easier for each of us…

…and make it easier for me to memorise my dad’s mobile number!


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  1. I follow ‘The Jibril Method’ to memorise Koran. Alhamdulillah, it’s work despite my busiest day ( konon!).
    But unfortunately, when I stop practice, I lost many soorah in my memories. Astaghfirullah.. Remember a talk deliver by Kamal el-Mekki~ ‘Strengthening One’s Memory’? He was true, when we stop memorizing the Koran, we also can lost many soorah that we remembered~Huh..I’m the lucky one.

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