Royal Jumble : Green, Advert, and Gaza.

Several mumblings of mine on several things that are being reported today. I am a regular user of customised Google News – and to all girls who have severe problems of news-reading laziness, let me suggest making Google News your homepage. At least you will be forced to read the headlines whenever you open your browser.

1. I know it is kind of strange when most mornings lately, whenever I take a look outside my window it will be white. This is rare, and it is even rare that a place in the UK recorded a temperature as low as -12 degree celcius!

Freezing temperatures cause sea to freeze

Freezing cold

Freezing cold

I don’t know what else to say. I try to love winter as much as I can, but I have to admit this is probably the only time I’d feel homesick. This rare fluctuation of temperature, undeniably linked to global warming and climate change, and why is it that people still don’t care?

Why is that most Muslims, who claimed that the religion they are embracing is sent as a mercy to the whole universe (rahmatan lil ‘alamiin) could not care less about the environment, but when it comes to the Palestine issue (which is of course, as important, if not more crucial) they try as hard as they could? Is it because it is Muslims who are involved (which is not true either) that we make such an effort, but if it is not Muslim than we would turn a blind eye on it, or probably spare less effort? Then how can we claim that we are (logically, since we should have shown the true spirit of Islam) a mercy to the whole universe, when all that we care is our Muslim brothers and sisters? then how can we even claim that Islam is for the whole mankind?

Even when there are motions in our student unions to support the campaign for the troops to be sent out of Iraq we just ignore.

Probably I have to agree with the author of the book I am reading, Jonathon Porritt than society is generally more aware about the one-off disaster, e.g. the tsunami that hit Aceh than the long-time running poverty that they collected more money for that. But the truth is the number of people that is killed due to tsunami is much lower than the number of people dying of poverty in a year.

And poverty, as far as I am concern, is strongly related to the global warming. In case you have not got a slightest idea on how they link together, let me give some oversimplified relationships:

Say you refuse to recycle your paper, you are forcing more trees to be cut down, hence less trees to absorb CO2 emitted, causing the greenhouse gas to accumulate in the atmosphere – and there goes the science. The greenhouse effect take place, the earth gets warmer – then comes all this climate change. At some place it gets colder more than usual, making the less fortunate people unable to find enough shelter for the cold to die earlier. Oh yes, people die in winter. And at places where it gets warmer than usual, probably crop cannot be grown, draught, and people with no access to water will die.

And still we could not care less?

Don’t claim to be a vicegerent on this Earth if you still could not find any reason to take action. Other people i.e. non-Muslims are doing the job for us.

Oh, don’t tell me they do reforestation to cover the mess they are doing by cutting down the trees.

Reforestation requires energy – and since most of our sources of energy are not renewable, the carbon footprints are high i.e. tonnes of greenhouse gases released – and the same effect will occur.

2.   Some sort of atheist advert campaign is launched yesterday in the UK.  To be honest, I am a bit surprised that it still cause a stir in this day and age. Not that I have become too liberal, but everyone is making an effort to popularise their faith.

Richard Dawkins and the advert

Richard Dawkins and the advert

I’ve seen more adverts promoting Christianity , with some churches here use the slogan : ‘Making Jesus famous’.

One of the adverts that I found quite attractive is this one:

An ad in front of a church in Oxford

An ad in front of a church in Oxford

Of course there is more to life than just finding the so-called true love, aye?

Can we not do something more catchy like this back home in Malaysia? I mean, with people leaving Islam, probably we should try to make it look more embraceable.

3. On Gaza. Just now I read that Venezuelan’s Chavez has just kicked the Israeli ambassador out of the country. Well, I do think that is a good step. Sorry man, I am not, by all means, anti-semitic. I am anti-zionist, yes. Anti semitic is just plain racist (though I am to a certain extent – my housemates would agree with this) but anti-zionist, I just can’t help. It just like how I could never subscribe to the idea that the only solution for the Gaza crisis is the two-state solution. Back to the fundamental, please. Israel should never exist there in the first place. The land is not theirs, and can never be a Jewish state. Another iteration – Was the land empty before the Jewish came? No, it was not!

Enough said.

Back to, erm, the derivation of dry adiabatic lapse rate.

See you.



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