Absolute Wealth, Relative Wealth

I was looking for any videos related to the author of the book ‘Capitalism as if the World Matters’, Jonathon Porritt when I came across this documentary in Youtube. 

Most of what he said in this video echoes what is in his book, and again, it is like listening to another ‘tazkirah’ or Islamic lecture session. Absolute wealth won’t make anyone happier, it is the relative wealth, how affluent you are compared to the people around you that more often than not define how contented you are – that is how people nowaday define happiness. That is pretty strange, given that a finding shows that as long as the basic needs are met, people are no happier when their yearly income increases. Reason? Relative wealth.

This is scary. May Lord help me so that I won’t be trapped in this rat race. Six months to go before I, most probably, join it.

I should really start figuring out, planning etc on how to make my life debt-free as quickly as possible. To live as simply as possible.

I remember watching Oprah Winfrey’s show sometimes during summer break (here’s a short video, not Oprah’s though)- yes, that lonely afternoon at home tending the laundry – one which discussed about a group of people who live on garbage (with them not being homeless and of middle-class), called Freegan. They collected food, good food not yet passing their expiry dates, from the garbage, and there was  one couple who chooses to live simply, no credit card, no unnecessary luxuries. I am attracted towards the idea of, not pulling out food from waste, but living simply. Less headache perhaps.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I know how it feels to have a sum of money being debited directly from my account each month, and that is not cool, that is not freedom. I know somehow that I want to live with cash (now that there is fatwa that says credit card is forbidden) – and I guess that is a good aim financially. 

Then I will have my peace of mind, and freedom.

Freedom to do what I want,to go on fighting in this way that I have chosen, without any sort of fear.


Rivalry [in worldly things] distracts you

until you visit the graves.

No indeed! You will come to know!

Again, no indeed! You will come to know.

No indeed! Were you to know with certain knowledge

you would surely see hell-fire.

Again, you will surely see it with the eye of certainty.

Then, on that day, you will assuredly be questioned about the comforts [of the world].



p.s. The film ‘Che’ starts its screening yesterday. On Che Guevara in case you don’t have a clue. Will try to find some time to go and watch it…and finish the biography of Fidel Castro soon.


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