Ramblings on a New Year.

Currently down with slight fever and cold.

Manchester is white with snow and frost for two days at least, which is unusual.

Just sent my foster family off at the airport, back to Malaysia for good. Almost four years. I thought I would cry when Abang Raja and his family are gone, but I did not. Probably because there are more important things which deserve my tears.

'Mak angkat'

‘Mak angkat’

And of course, the Gaza attack. Curse the zionists!
Will definitely, God willing and health permitting, join some of the vigils and demos in Manchester (or maybe to London again?). Qunut nazilah, and infaq definitely. (Well, I personally think that in our situation, even before, we are to read qunut nazilah everyday).

Still waiting for Obama to respond on this attack. What takes him so long?

And the by-election in Kuala Terengganu soon. They said the BN candidate is an underdog (source: Malaysian Insider), while the PAS guy is undefeated for four times. Where’s Haji Mohammad Sabu by the way?

Whatever it is, let us pray for the best.

A tragic new year, to sum it up.



  1. Hee…you looked excited bila sebut nama aku:)
    career life is good..okay..
    There’s a reason nape aku lama menyepi..hope sgt
    boleh sembang dgn ko lg..selalu on ym?please add me..
    I accidentally lost my password for my previous email..
    Thats the reason.so..please add me..ko boleh tgk my mail add

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