London: My Way

My first full day in London went on this way; my way :

Aidah and the rest of the girls excluding Naimah and I were to go to Madame Tussaud’s the next morning, but I, despite the fact that I haven’t been there in my close -to -four -year residence in the UK. Both of us studied the map, decided on where we really wanted to go, and here’s the itinerary – our way (the lazybums’ way, maybe).

We stayed in Kennington, a very strategic and nice and cosy place (for less than £11 pp, with breakfast) except for some misfortunate events, within walking distance from Kennington tube station.

  1. London Bridge

    Unfortunately for Naimah who has been there twice, I still wanted some conventional touch. I still wanted to see London Bridge with my own eyes, so that was our very first destination. Kennington-London Bridge. Along the road I only have one thing in mind – how was this bridge, this area during the period I have always read about – the Charles Dickens period to be exact, having watched Great Expectation a few weeks ago. I couldn’t imagine a bright and lively London upon reading its description in Dickens’ writings – it was too gloomy and seemed to be a no-way-out place for the poor (recalled Oliver Twist and maybe, Pip from Great Expectation). The re was the massive H.M.S Belfast, it doesn’t fascinate me – but worth to be in my camera memory card, so here are some views.

    I should take a peek at London Bridge’s history. The brief one, in Wiki maybe.

  2. Markets in Oxford Street

    Oxford Street is a shopping heaven, but that was not my initial intention. We intended to visit the antique markets over there, but having found that there was nothing interesting about them we resorted on some exercises along Oxford Street. Credit crunch had most of the outlets opened as early as 7 a.m., offering massive reduction. Was I tempted? Well, I was – but spending money for family is a charity itself, is it not?

    A cheap T-shirt for my little brother (‘Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to London’) and a cute one for my nephew (‘Someone who loves me went to London and bought me this shirt’, something like that), a jewellery box for my constantly traveling mother, and almost a pair of shoes for my own, thanks to Naimah who stopped me at the brink of heading to the cashier. GAP had a massive reduction to, a pair of jeans costs £19.90.

    But haven’t I told you, my shopping desire has, alhamdulillah, massively decrease unknowingly?

  3. Malaysia Hall.

    The only reason we went to this place is that we need to pray, and we were starving so desperately, and it was on our way towards Portabello market in the west. We met the other group; Aidah and the gang. They were heading towards the market too, with Harrods in mind next. Strategically, they went first, and later texted us that the market was not opened on that day. That saved us from another useless trip.

  4. Fulham Broadway – Chelsea stadium.

    Both of us were soft core football fans, and after the whole day being half-heartedly excited about everything (what’s interesting with London Bridge and shopping outlets anyway?)- we found ourselves overwhelmed by the fact that we were actually at Stamford Bridge! Walla! We almost screamed ecstasily to that fact – I thought I have just lost my interest in men whose job was to kick ball on a field lately, but it is still there.

    Having lived near and seen the Manchester United stadium so spectacularly located, it was a bit strange to see such a massive building like the Chelsea stadium to be built among residential building – terraced house to be exact.

    The Blue store was having sales – and my father was lucky that the kind of Polo shirt he wanted me to buy is sold at £10. So one shirt for my dad.

  5. Arsenal

    Fulham Broadway is down south, while Arsenal is somewhere up north, and by the time we reached Arsenal underground station for the Emirates Stadium it was already dark. But then, who cares? The stadium was actually less than two minutes walking distance from the stadium.

    I was proud of the Theatre of Dreams of course, but this football complex is enormous! By a complex I mean several buildings in close proximity – the Emirates is rich, I am sure it is.

    My finding at its store – another Polo shirt for my father (I am a very thoughtful daughter, am I not?), in Arsenal trademark dark red/maroon colour at £18. Not sure if my father would like the almost-seasoned look, but I like the colour, so that’s it.

    Will have the shirts sent back home soon.

  6. Queen’s Park

    We had an invitation from Shahirah’s old friends to dine at her (parents’) house, so we headed towards Queen’s Park, where we were to meet the other group at 5.30 p.m. It turned out that we arrived very early, thus leaving us sitting idly at the waiting room, raising curiousity among the tube station workers, seeing us ignoring every tubes and trains coming. I guess that was pretty concerned of them to finally ask us, and looked rather satisfied that we were actually waiting our friends. We were thinking of heading straight to the new stadium in Wembley, which is a little further away from Queen’s Park but of the same tube line, but it was dark – and I don’t want to look crazy.

    Then back to Kennington. That’s my day in London.

    p.s. I’ve been to Westminster, seen the Big Ben, strolled along St James Park. That’s why I have the choice of the wandering in London happily like this.

    p.p.s. I still love Manchester more.


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