If Only…

‘If only’ is a phrase that nobody likes. And someone even told me that we better not use this word, for fear of crossing the line of ‘ being happy with what we have’ and ‘blaming God for what happened to us’. True enough, I have trained myself not to see what should have happened if I do something I didn’t. It will be just heart-breaking, will it not? If only I locked my room the night the thief came in, I would still have my old laptop. There’s no point in saying so.

But again, perhaps, maybe we should start thinking ahead of time, not thinking ‘if only’ we did something in the past, but fast forward and begin thinking in the ‘if only’ way for decisions we are to make today. How does that sound?

Greenpeace has a nice ad on this.

Green is the future.

I truly believe in that.

Greenpeace Ad

Greenpeace Ad



  1. You remind me to poem I wrote about my Boss. ‘If only you know..’ and re-phrase it later with ‘if only’.I wrote it for reasons, and its quite personal. Good post btw.

  2. not for him to read, just for my personal satisfaction. Anger, frust, should be expressed in different ways. Short poem suits me,Well, malam2 tak boley buat thesis, tulislah poem, skrang praktis haiku, its fun! You should try it.

  3. I would love to learn about Haiku. Read about it years ago, but due to the ‘dryness of emotion’ I am currently facing, probably I won’t produce anything..well..until I again experience some kind of intense emotion.

    I’ve learned to not to hate someone too much, and I am yet to feel deeply about one.

    Conclusion: A long way to go before I can write any more poems.

  4. Last time you commented at my blog on Awang di Neurosains. I want to ask you a favor, how do you see the poem and I need pos/neg feedback from poem written from people who do not know Neurosains at all. Sooner or later, whenever the timing is right, I need to make sure the poem is published at the right place. So feel free to comment, any feedback from you is greatly appreciated.

    One more thing,writing Haiku could be good things to ponder.I also in the process to become poet part-time right now. Hows Hafiz doing lately? Neurox

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