[Short Note] Al Ghazzali : of Learning and Knowledge v1.0


35:28 says: Only the learnt among His Servants fear God most.

So if I think I know something, or have learnt something but my fear for God does not increase, can I say that I learn nothing actually?


Belief is without dress and its dress is God-fear, its ornament is shame and its fruit is knowledge.

Its fruit is knowledge. Hmm..

Someone please clarify this metaphor for me.

He said:
You are living in an age wherein the theologians are many, the Quran-readers and the preaches are
few, the beggars are few and the givers are many, wherein deeds are better than knowledge. But
soon there will come over you such an age wherein the theologians will be few, the preachers and the Quran-readers many, the givers few and the beggars many, wherein knowledge will be better than deeds.

I think we are currently in the latter age.


Saidina Ali r.a. wrote this poem:

Glory is due to none other than to the learned.
Guided are they and proofs to the seekers of guidance.
Everybody is honoured proportionate to his knowledge,
But the illiterate are disgraced, as enemies of the learned.
Acquire knowledge, you will be immortal.
All men are dead, only the learned are alive.

The final line is very true.
Even at the secular level : recall Newton, Joule, Faraday…

Even Al-Ghazzali himself is immortal in that sense.


Ibn Aswad said: Nothing is more honourable than knowledge. While the kings rule over the people, the learned rule over the kings.

That doesn’t sound true these days. Kings think they are knowledgeable themselves, pay little attention to what the learned say. At both level, secular and religious.



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