Great Expectations: Love and Skills

Great Expectations

Great Expectations

I could not exactly remember when was the last time (or maybe the only time) I read this masterpiece of Charles Dickens, but watching it being performed onstage was rather different.

I bought the tickets to this play two months ago – £1 each, a reduction of £15 from its original price, and kept the date safe and uninterrupted for I knew this is something I just could not miss – and I was right.

I checked the review right after I reached home, and it seems like everyone agrees with me, the performance deserves 5 stars rating. The best theatre so far, out of close to ten that I have watched in my four years inManchester.

And as always, I was left bewildered at the creativity of the director – and in general, the human mind. The talent that Gos has blessed some of us with. He managed to turn a lengthy story into a two and half an hour show – fast-paced, perfect set -doing justice to the great novel.

It is the same effect as watching my obsessions (both the animation and the OST) – Spirited Away and the Lord of the Rings (as one of those who know, I forbid myself from mentioning LOTR as a trilogy, because it is not). I could not help but being amazed by both productions.

Spirited Away has me struck in awe to see how everything, every single movements seems so real and natural, despite it being a traditional 2D animation. It feels me with admiration to examine the detailed at whicheverything is made to be -the colours, the background. I just can’t stop thinking of how creative Hayao Mizaki is (and thankful to the Lord that He has given talents to someone who has made my day), and how has he utilised and developed his God-given talent into something useful.

Haku. Can he not be real? *Sigh*

Haku. Can he not be real? *Sigh*

And for Lord of the Rings – how can someone imagine something like that even? Peace and tranquility interpreted and realised into the Shire, the buildings, Minas Tirith and all…and even the ugliest Orc – where did they get the idea of something that hideous?

Way beyond my limit of imagination

Way beyond my limit of imagination

But probably it is true that as we grow up, we tend to be so realistic that we forget to imagine – we are so getting used to the reality that we quickly snapped at everything that is not in line with our idea of reality. Too bad. Too bad I say. I realise that my left brain is not working at its full capacity for a long time – the only creative things I am still doing is perhaps wither writing this blog and trying to make it as interesting as possible, or finding answers to questions I don’t really know, and make myself looks as if I know all.  On the artistic side, there is nothing that I do consistently – I don’t draw anymore, I don’t do creative writings , I don’t paint for a long time, I have stopped making handcrafts – and that makes me above all a dull, dry, mathematical and mechanical person.

The last time I went painting (painting walls that was) on several rehab centres volunteering, I found myself missing the tranquility moving brushes against a flat surface – and I wonder when I will ever again indulge in such things.

And back to the issue, it comes down to me that when love and skills meet, what we can expect is a masterpiece. And it is what they are -Great Expectations the theatre, Spirited Away and Lord of the Rings. And when you do something out of love and passion, complimented with appropriate skills and talents – what you get in return is either this:

Spirited Away was released in Japan in July 2001, drawing an audience of around 23 million and revenues of ¥30 billion (approx. US$250 million), to become the highest-grossing film in Japanese history (surpassing the film Princess Mononoke for highest grossing animated motion pictures). It was the first movie to have earned $200 million at the worldwide box office before opening in the United States.[3] By 2002, a sixth of the Japanese population had seen it.

Or this:

The trilogy was a great financial success, with the films being the 15th, 8th, and 2nd highest-grossing films of all time, respectively, unadjusted for inflation. The films were critically acclaimed, winning 17 out of 30 Academy Awards nominated in total, and received wide praise for the cast and for the innovative practical and digital special effects

Probably my courseworks won’t give me this (yet), though.

p.s. The Hobbit is coming out in 2011, mind you!



  1. We drive this life. Sometimes I realized that human have a beautiful sharing. Life is like an echo what u give, u get it back.

    The mathematical scientist, creator…etc develops a technology for human use. And this amaze film is one of the feedback for that good deed. It’s fair for me.,

    p/s: I think u are a good paint enough. Keep it up.

  2. Yep.

    Sharing, and out of that makes tons of money.

    I just want to believe that you can actually earn a living by doing something that you love.

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